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Worse News

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May 14,2003
Well the news came and it wasn't good. My mom does have breast cancer. Right now things are really hectic. So far this is what is going on in my life.

*My sister is in a major high school musical of Les Miserabes.
*My family is dealing with the fact that my mom has breast cancer.
*My extended family is all coming into town for my oldest cousins wedding.
*And life goes on around me as normal, therefore all the day to day stuff.

<br>Meanwhile I feel as though I am going to go crazy. But at the same time dealing with everything in an unusal calm. We will see. I will continue to update and journal when I can.

<br>Sorry it has been so long since my last journal entry...almsot a week, but I just have not had the time. I will post lata.

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Re: Worse News

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*My sister is in a major high school musical of Les Miserabes.

sweet. what part has she got?

i'm currently singing one of Fantine's songs I Dreamed A Dream.

i love Les Mis. one of the best musicals ever written!!!


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May 16, 2003 16:35 # 12229

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Re: Worse News

My sister is playing the part of young epione and also she has numerous roles in the chorus.

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