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I need Help

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I had a dream that I was protecting a little girl from a murder that turned out to be my brother. I hid in the trees as I whatched him kill my mother. I did not know what to do with the little girl. She was very frightened as was I. I have been having this dream for a long time now. Can anyone tell me what it means?

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khazar * replies...

Re: I need Help

I do not have the faintest idea what that dream means. If it is really worrying you, I suggest you seek professional help.
If it is not worrying you, that's probably ok.
If you are liking the dream, seek professional help urgently.

I have had dreams involving violence and occasional death before. I was just glad to be dreaming. Really, dreams are just a form of video game to play during your sleep.

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Re: I need Help

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What you are feeling is extremely common, I think. Dreams happen to be some of the most prominent forces we base our decisions on. Dreams also, have hidden meanings. The reason why I wrote to you was because I am a dreamer. I do research on dreams and I believe that we dream for a reason. Dreams are a way for us to escape into the unknown world that exists.

I want to write down a couple of passages from a book that I am reading on dreams and how to interpret them and maybe you will feel more at ease.

First of all, To dream of seeing people dying warns you of dissolution or sorrow. Disappointments most always follow such dreams. Dreams dealing with death can be misleading and confusing. When dreaming of death in any case there is something within your life that you have been doing, which may be considered unethical to your standard of living or values. If you dream death of a friend or relative you are doing something improper in your life that is allowing yourself to be unfair to yourself. In our dreams we our closer to ourselves than in our wakening life. In other words, there is something within your life that is holding you back from true
happiness. What you need to do to bring these demons out. Think good thoughts and do good deeds.

I hope this makes a little more sense to you. Don't occupy your mind with the thought of someone dying. Try to bring out the good in everything you do and you will feel more at ease with yourself and your surrondings.

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Re: I need Help

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Wow, what Daisy mentioned is rather psychoanalytical thing. Saying the dream of some of your unconciousness.
I'm a dreamer too, sometiems my dream are totally unreasonable, e.g. being a street fighter and fight with some famous singers; being chased by a murderer and finally i have to hide myself and change my identity etc.
Dreams may really mean sth. If you really wanna know, it'z of coz best for u to seek professinoal help. But, if u don't think it'z that necessary, or you can't afford (either time / money) just try to take it easy.
When you read those dream books, there're thousands different explanantions, varies from authors, telling the meaning of ur dreams. Unless the one really know your history, your experience and your personality, otherwise, they won't know how your real life / past experience has affected you.
Just like killing you mentioned in your dream. Daisy said it'z sth. about bad things in your real life, but some of the Chinese culture said it'z a very good thing you dream of killing - becoz the dream is a contrast predictor of your coming future, i.e. the more nightmare you have, the better future you'll get..haha! I dont' know which is true, but I don't think my dreams are that well a predictor for my future.

oh, and one thing. If you're too tired when u go to bed, there'll be a rebound of REM sleep (sleep was divided in mainly two stage - REM & non-REM) Usually people will get nightmares easier in REM sleep. Try not to get yourself too tired, see if you'll get better!
all the best!

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mel * replies...

Re: I need Help

. If you are a witness to a killing, you may be reflecting on changes going on around you that you don't particularly like.

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Re: I need Help

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Gee mel,a lot of replies to dream posts in one day.

Me spies a text book.


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Re: I need Help

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No not a text book just reading.

Do u have something called a hobbie?

Didn't thihk so

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Re: I need Help

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No not a text book just reading

Im just saying that it obviously was not your personal knowledge and something you were copying out of a book, is all.

Do u have something called a hobbie?
Didn't thihk so

Get those claws out.

Yeah,plently of hobbies my darling, all that dont include copying shit from books to make myself look knowledgable

My hobbies, i am in a twisted-metal band called Beauty Disfigutred, i enjoy my Education studying media at Plymouth University, i direct low budget horror films,i review bands for a local music paper,i spend a lot of time in awe over my wonderful boyfriend or comforting a distraught fallenangel. i do rather a lot sweetie.

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MelMel *** announces...

Re: I need Help

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Ok, let's end this now.

You both have hobbies.

They are different.

Full Stop.


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Re: I need Help

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Yeah,plently of hobbies

and one of them is to put others down?

All that dont include copying shit from books to make myself look knowledgable

and i am just trying to help other people,by not putting them down but instead helping them.

love will not hurt if it is not hurt by me

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