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Silent Hill 3

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I bought this game yesterday and i love it. It's not just one of those Horrorgames that think horror is, when there is as many blood as possible, but this one is more psycic.

At the beginning you get trown into some kind of amusement park and the story begins. And this game sure is scary from the beginning.
Ok I'm used to scary games, but my friend hid his head several times behind a pillow :)

The graphics are great to, i think they are better than FFX graphics and those already kicked ass.
What i like too is that you can play with 2 different scales of difficulty, you can put the action to hard normal and easy, and you can put the riddles to hard, normal and easy. So if you just like action, put action to hard and riddle to easy, or if you like riddles, put it the other way round.

And I love the background music, i think it fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Release date in Europe was 23.5, in US it will be released on 6.8.03 and in Japan it will be released on 3.7.03, so it's a game that came out in europe first.

Well i have played it quite a while, but I'm not finished yet, so I'll just go and play some more, maybe I'll write some more when i find something that's interesting enough

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Re: Silent Hill 3

I got Silent hill three, three months ago, i told myself i could only play it and smoke if i finished my assignments. I never did those assgnment so it was only in the last week that i've really gotten into it.
i think my favourite bit was the store room in the hell demension. . .with the mirror.
All the way through the hospital finding stanley colemans diary was extra creepy for me cause i share the lead characters name.

i'm up to the church. . .does it make a difference what you say to Dahlia as to what hapens?

I loved silent hill one and i think three is the perfect clincher. . .alot of games (bar FF) don't evolve with their sequels, i have to say that about resident evil, i feel they're all the same, but silent hill has just gotten better and better!

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