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Jaz *** tells about...

Strawberry field

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There is a most delicious strawberry field in my town, and it's right in front of my door mat. Naturally we had to pay it a visit the week it opened business.

If you've never been to a strawberry field, here is how it works in Germany: Everyone brings their own buckets and bowls to the field. Jars are being weighed so you don't have to pay for the weight of your own bowl later.

Now you may throw yourself into the battle: Endless rows of strawberry bushes, hanging full of these sweet, juicy gems planted one next to another.

You're allowed to eat as much as you can for free. The berries you would like to carry home in your bucket are being weighed and sold for a relatively decent price, like 79 cent per pound on the field that's so wonderfully close to my appartment.

Unfortunately we crammed our tummies so much on the field today that we didn't touch one berry of the 2,5 pounds we took with us :) Nonetheless: Strawberry fields rock and bring back a lot of nice childhood memories for me.

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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: Strawberry field

Yep. We've got one of these in Memphis; just walking distance from my house are the wonderful Shelby Farms (named for the county that I and Anduril both live in), and right now they've got a deal like that going on in one part of the farms where you can get what you can carry and pay by the pound. Great stuff, too.

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Jeanette *** replies...

Re: Strawberry field

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Strawberries...yum. But they're only around in summer and it's winter now. :(

My family used to go to them. Back when we were all happy. I think the last time we went was about 3 years ago.

There was my family, all 5 of us, before my older sister stopped coming on holidays with us, and my uncle's family- 2 little girls about my little sister's age. And my grandparents- before my grandad had his stroke-type-thing, so he could still eat then, something he loves to do.

We were somewhere on the New South Wales south coast and decided to go strawberry picking. A similar system to the one near you Jaz, but you weren't really supposed to eat them as you went along.

This was the last time the 11 of us (2 cousins, 2 sisters, parents, uncle and aunty, grandparents, and me) would have so much fun. My grandad had a stroke soon after, so now can't talk, can't eat , can't lie down even. He's pretty sick, too sick to travel to see his grandkids.

Yes yes, getting sentimental, but this is what strawberry fields remind me of.

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