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MelMel *** posts about...

The Simpsons

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How can any sane person NOT love the Simpsons? How it is possible is completely beyond me. there is something for everyone there.

i know all of their songs off by heart, my favourites being:
1) See My Vest
2) Dr Zaius; the planet of the apes musical
3) The stonecutter theme
4) The Garbage Man Can
5) We put the spring in Springfield

there many more ( who needs the kiwk-e-mart, the monorail song, i am evil homer, a boozehound named barney, flaming moe's...) i could go n for hours but i will now restrain myself and get to the point...I Love Them!

some of their comments on society are hilarious!

who else shares my love of these four-fingered nut cases? if you do, read a book called "the gospel according to the simpsons" it expalins the religion in the simpsons which most assume to be mocking. it is the other way around! if you dont share my love (the shame, the shame!) then read it anyway! there is still chance to redeem yourself!

i believe i have seen every episode that has been shown in australia. some of the newer ones haven't come out here yet. grrrr...


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SINISTER_MINISTER_666 *** replies...

Re: The Simpsons

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He he...

I had to get rid of cable a few days ago, due to "finacial reasons" and so no longer get sky no longer get the newer have to wait like a million years before they come onto terrestrial tv

my favourite ever simpsons quote, courtasy of the lovely Ralph Wiggum

" i like bushes, cos they dont have prickers, unless they do, this one did, ouch"


My mother hates it, and thinks in unappropriate viewing for children, im 20 and she hates me watching it (crazy lady).

1) See My Vest

"like my..loafers former gophers.."

ive got all the books and the little figures and..

dear lord, im lame.


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Jun 12, 2003 23:00 # 13006

Magnifico *** replies...

Re: The Simpsons

Favorite Ralph line of all time:
"Tastes like. . . burning. . ."

And my favorite line to Ralph:
"Attaboy, lad. Now, you know what you have to do! BURN 'EM! BURN 'EM ALL!"

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Jun 13, 2003 06:18 # 13029

MelMel *** replies...

Heh heh heh


"This is my sand box, im not allowed in the deep end. And this is the rock where i met the leprechaun, he tells me to burn things!"

I also like "me fail english? That's umpossible!"

"Miss hoover, i glued my head to my shoulder"

ahhh, endless entertainment!!

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Jul 17, 2003 03:45 # 14018

Deep_Rosette *** replies...

Re: The Simpsons

Wow now this is a topic! Simpsons are great, and i am not to usually fond of tv.... Not unless its something informative for my mind..... But i have seen every simpson episode there every was, and i am sincerely a true fan.
Wow so much to say... Over load!

Simpsons has also brought me closer to my long distance friend andy.... Well use to. That gal doesnt have time for me anymore, but every once and awhile we always enjoy to hear the crazy antics and discuss about last nights episode.

Miss u andy, but youll never know

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