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Jun 16, 2003 20:13 # 13167

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Maybe I'm moving..

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Hello world! Sorry for not having paid a visit for ages, I thought it too hot and stressy to sit at the computer.. But here I am back!

Today I visited a friend's flat share where one room will be free from August on. This room is only very small (10 1/2 m²), still I consider maybe moving there for several reasons:

1) it would be much cheaper than my current 15m² room
2) I don't like my current flat mate too much; in the new appartment I could live together with my (not too close yet) friend.
3) in the new house almost only students live while here the older people from the first floor moan and groan about students (they even mob me!).
4) the new flat would be closer to town and closer to uni
5) there is a balcony :)!
6) it's not just beside a stream that drags tons of insects into the flat like in my current home (well, maybe it's not due to the stream..)
7) my bike got stolen just in front of this house (ok, could have happened there too.. but still!!)

So many advantages!

the only problem that I can currently see is the new room's smallness in connection with the amount of things and stuff that I possess. But I thought about that and realized that luckily the walls in the new flat are quite high, so that if I bought myself a loft bed and attached a kind of second floor in some parts of the room I could create a total of ca. 15 m²! Don't know if the walls would be able to hold that new etage tho.. I could also dump half of my belongings! It's just a dream in my mind at the moment.. But dreams could come true!!

- Does IKEA have cheap and good loft beds..?

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Jun 17, 2003 07:39 # 13187

null has all the information you need...

Re: Maybe I'm moving..

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Does IKEA have cheap and good loft beds..?

IKEA has cheap and good anything. :-)

Well, Swiss IKEA offers them for CHF 249.- up to 398.- (170 to 270 Euro-Taler). In case you're planning to fight on it, you might want to get a more stable one, or just a slightly higher bed with storage beneath (like this one).

If you can't find it in IKEA, it might be possible to add higher feet and some extra braces to your old bed without too much money or work (depending on how it's constructed). It's also fun. :-)

Could you drill holes in the wall(s)?

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Jun 17, 2003 08:58 # 13190

Jaz *** replies...

Re: Maybe I'm moving..

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The only dominant objection I have to this is that with your dominant way of defending your sleeping area at night, this loft bed is going to kill me within a week.

On the other hand, with my death being as certain as that I probably get to design my own funeral invitations. How many people do?

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Jun 18, 2003 10:40 # 13223

marc ** replies...

Re: Maybe I'm moving..

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Or get yourself something like this. There is a version available with 140cm in width, and the metal frame will keep Jaz from falling. Further, you can even place your desk and stuff under it. I have seen wooden versions of this as well.


PS: And don't forget to tell us the date your housewarming party. :-)

Jun 18, 2003 18:46 # 13236

Jaz *** replies...

Re: Maybe I'm moving..

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I think we could have a lot of fun in the new flat. Maybe it's smaller than what you have now, but how happy you are with it is all that matters.

I spent some time today and developed a ground breaking equation to help you with the decision:

.                                 \
Old house = full of weird people. |
                                  |---> Let's move!
New house = full of nice people.  |

I know letting go of loved furniture is hard to do. When I moved to my current appartment earlier this year, I had to let go of my giant desk top, my Aneboda cupboard (which I really got to like), my bed (!) and, most important: My chest of thousand drawers.

When for 21 years you have been organizing your whole life into 30 small drawers, going without one is a surety for chaos. But I got used to it and today I no longer miss it.

We could call up a billion people who would help us carry over your stuff.

By the way, I think my neighbor has a Tromsö in her flat. If you want we could go over and take a look at it.

'Yeah, That's what Jesus would do. Jesus would bomb Afghanistan. Yeah.' - snowlion

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