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Men & Women or Women & Men

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There are allot of differances between men & woman.
Look at boy & girls...
Yet, actually were the same, except for a chromosome or two,
anyone of us could have been the opposite sex.

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Re: Men & Women or Women & Men

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I'm deliberately missing your point here, but it fits too well:

According to this article in "nature", the genetical differences between men and women are greater than previously believed, quote:

It is commonly stated that the genomes of two randomly selected members of our species exhibit 99.9% nucleotide identity. In reality, this statement holds only if one is comparing two males, or two females. If one compares a female with a male, the second X chromosome (160 Mb, or roughly 3% of the diploid DNA content) is replaced by the largely dissimilar Y chromosome (60 Mb, or 1% of the diploid DNA content). This common substitution of the Y chromosome for the second X chromosome dwarfs all other DNA polymorphism in the human genome.

I'm not implying anything here ;-)

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