Reading Love and Lifesense

Jul 29, 2003 22:12 # 14342

Vladimir * is getting sarcastic...

All is fair in love and war, but is love fair by itself?

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Why, oh why do us men have to go trough the torture of making the first move? tonight on discovery chanel I saw a show abot how thw women are the one that make the ultimate choice, so why do we have to bother at all? Women are nutorius for real-life acting, and while they might pretend they like us, they might resent us or visa versa... Both cases make you mad like hell!
I should know, I lived to tell the story! Oh and here comes the most important thing, although when a man is in love he does things not usual(there comes that all is fair), but is love a crude joke told by mother nature? The sleapless nights, the uneaten meals, and yes even some tears shed... It all looks like a cruel joke!

Vladimir, a truly happy person!

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