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July 30,2003
Well I just wanted to post a quick update on all that is going on in my life.

Well as everyone knows my mom started chemo because she had breast cancer. She went through a lumpectomy (srry can't spell), had a masectomy, and now is doing the chemo.

Well due to the chemo she has been sick....and now is in the hospital because her white blood count (which white blood cells are what fight to keep you healthy and feeling well, etc) are down to 0. So she got a fever and had to go into the hospital. And I know this doesn't sound very serious but it can be.

Anywayz we don't know yet when she will be able to come home or whether or not she will be able to continue chemo treatments. But basically what they are doing at the hospital is keeping a close watch on her. She is being kept in isolation so that it reduces the amount of contact she will encounter, etc. And they are pumping her full of antiobiotics through ivs.

I got to see her for the first time today since she went into the hospital. And she is doing as well as she can considering all. She is in good spirits and is trying to stay positive. Well that is all the info I have for now.

Life is rough but all you can do is deal with it one moment at a time. Some things I have realized is that friends are so important, loved ones are amazing, and God is there for you when you really need Him.

I am still not sure why all this is happening but I know there is a reason for everything in life. As a really wise person once told me sometimes life is just hard, and there is just nothing you can do about it but keep fighting, hold on to faith and hope, and never give up. Lata.
~Mindy~ <><

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