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LarAmyy * isn't happy...

Why canít a person be whole without another?

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How is it possible for one person to make another whole?
Is it possible for two people to make just one of the pair whole?
He should not have to sit by while she can't fulfill her other half

I used to think I was stronger than this. I fell into this so slowly and gracefully that I didn't even realize it was happening. I know that it is not one-sided. I know that if he does not love me back, there is some form of strong feeling. My plague, here, is that he is my other half. When I see people and they say they are in love, I never believe them. I see their love as a kind of puppy love. What I am feeling is a can i put it... well, I see most people as having a fairytale so to speak. But me? Mine is an epic tale, a journey. Our souls are connected even if not in the way I would want. I find myself thinking about him in the oddest situations. I can't sleep at night because I feel lonely, although we never shared a bed. I look at him as my savior. It hurts. It simply hurts. I know that I am not his other half as he is mine. We are destined to forever be together, just in a different way. There is someone better for him. I know it. It hurts because I know to stay away, but I know it is for the best. I don't really expect anyone to have anything to say about this. It just helps knowing, or hoping rather, that someone somewhere will read it and know my thoughts. I just know that I can't be fulfilled unless he is in my life, whatever way that may be, and it hurts to know that I am not as strong as I thought I was.

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Re: Why canít a person be whole without another?

LarAmyy, if you're truly willing to forever be there for him, care for him and stand by him no matter what he's going through you are already everything he could ever wish for. Should he not see it that way, you are the one who deserves someone better. However, I'm sure he sees and appreciates it.

Good luck.

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Chane * replies...

Re: Why canít a person be whole without another?

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Platon was a Greek philosopher living about 450 years before Christ. As every culture on earth has its own believes about the beginning of the world so had the old Greeks.
In the beginning Platon says there were no man and no woman. There were only humans that were woman and man at the same time. At a certain point they displeased the gods and as a reaction to this the goods separated them into man and woman. According to this every man and every woman has exactly one partner in this world and referring to Platon every human being is since then doomed to walk the earth in search of his or her other half that makes the perfect match and completes both.

LarAmyy, believing you are left alone with your feelings and being separated from the rest of the world by them is a natural reaction after truly finding your soul mate.
But there are others who have experienced the same, believe me.
However, I have never heard of any happy ending of soul mates finding each other. In the end there was always something to learn, and so you will have to learn something too. You will have to find out for yourself what this might be.

Please allow me to suggest the following book to you:
Judy Hall, Hands Across Time.
You will be surprised by what you will find in this reading and it will help you understand.
I hope it is still available. In case you need a German version the title is "Seelenpartner".

I wish you strength, this is what you will need most.

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