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What is love?

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Can some one explain what love is? Im going through a really depressing part of my life right now. I really need any advice you have. Thanks.

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Re: What is love?

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To define a pretty hard thing to do...Love is alot of things. Love is trust..the ability to communicate..the ability to share, and to know, that without a doubt that it is there...

Robin Williams said it real well in...can't remeber the name of the movie when he said..

When a woman can level you just with her eyes...thats love.

Love is when you are away from someone even for a small time and you can feel that a part of you is missing. It's when you can blindly trust someone without fear or doubt.

I don't know what better else to say about love..except that when you feel know..there is none of this "I think I love this person crap" You do or you do not there is no grey area of love..

As a follow up, if you want to what is it about love that is tearing at you? We all have "depressing parts" of our lives..hell I'm going through what to me feels like the absolute worst time of my life..but I talk to people and it helps if you want to go ahead and share whats on your mind.

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Re: What is love?

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When a woman can level you just with her eyes...thats love.

This is a definite sign, I'd say. I've not got a whole lot of experience, but this one is pretty noticeable.

As for love itself, all I can describe it as is this powerful feeling of meaning: it's like everything you do has another purpose to it, since it seems like everything you do should be done better. It's weird, but it's incredible. . .

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Re: What is love?

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I don't think you can explain what love is. For someone to understand it, i think they have to feel it for themselves, i don't think you can just ask someone what it is and they'll tell you because it's just not that simple. There are also many types of loves, it's hard to explain and talk about it. I think love sometimes is bad because it's something that can make you the happiest person in the world, but at the same time it can make you the saddest person in the world. Love- a word with no defenition. :)

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