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Suggestions Please? Major Life Decision..

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For the first time a few days ago I failed a US Army PT test. My back started spasming 7 situps away from finishing and I couldn't finish.. I went to the Aid place and the doctor agreed that I have a serious chronic back pain problem..gave me some super duper happy drugs and asked me..Do you want to be in the Army anymore? And I automatically said yes.. It's very VERY taboo to say no to that question.. Anyhow I've been speaking with some NCO's and the chaplain and I've realized...the idea of not beinga ble to pick up my own child 10 years from now because daddy had too much pride in the army scares the hell out of me. Other's say I am a whiny little punk and I need to get that sand out of my vagi.

I'm not so much asking for suggestions because i know there arn't alot of people here that could really understand the situation but.. More of this.. Is it dishonorable to care more about one's health and try to protect yourself then to fufill a contract as binding as the one you sign to join the army?

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Re: Suggestions Please? Major Life Decision..

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I really don't know how to respond to this one, but I suppose that there's the old failsafe. . . quote old, dead Asian guys.

Tsunetomo Yamamoto would probably tell you that it is most glorious to abandon your health in aid of your commanders and your army.

From my point of view, however, I'd suggest that this is nothing more than a crock of shit.

Just a thought. . .

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Re: Suggestions Please? Major Life Decision..

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Well from your post about existence and my own thoughts i came to one conclusion: You went to the Army because you were bored, and the Army won't "Entertain" you forever. When your back gets worse, you will be a burden to the Army and no help, so they'll toss you out or give you some easy job that's boring. If you get tossed out, with a bad back or other injuries, you will have lesser possibilities to "entertain" yourself.
So doesn't quitting the military because you "don't feel able to serve the army anymore" sound better than "quitting because I'm bored"? And believe me, if you toss away all the bull**** you learned from your childhood, like being a productive, nice, peacefull "No-opinion" member of the world, than you'll find enough possibilities to enjoy yourself. The world is big, is has many good places, go out, get to know the world. Sure is better than geting out of military as a cripple (ok exaggerating a little).

Hope it helped you, if you don't think that way, search your own solution, for only you can know whats best for you.

At least, seeing the world is what I decided to do, for I am one of those kids who got tho know that I have no purpose but didn't pull the trigger.

Wish you luck in your life

Cya Magic

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All about field packs

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No matter whether you're staying in the army or not, your new job will (should) not include carrying a field pack of your own weight through dusty desets.

Isn't the question now whether you would like to do this new job sitting at the desk of a company somewhere in the army or in the civilian industry?

Not only do I think the free market will give you a lot more interesting, non-back-ruining jobs to pick from, I've also seen (exceptions apply) what years of administrative desk work can do to soldiers.

Believe me, it's not a pretty sight.

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wizz *** replies...

Re: Suggestions Please? Major Life Decision..

Is it dishonorable to care more about one's health and try to protect yourself then to fufill a contract as binding as the one you sign to join the army?

I'd rather call it clever, especially as it seems to me as if you consider joining the army a mistake in the first place. Be loyal to yourself first.

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