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Aug 04, 2003 19:12 # 14568

Magicdead *** smiles...


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I just found a 1.5 litre bottle of cidre which i have already opened 2 weeks ago and drank about half of it in the fridge and this stuff still is as goof as it was the first day. That's why I love cidre, it stays good for long time. And you don't feel bad after drinking too much of it. AND the best point, the cheapest cidre (and the cheapest one still is very good) costs about half the price of the cheapest beer (and this cheap beer ain't drinkable anymore, it's just too bad)

well I'm now enjoying my preccccioussssss bottle of cidre, hope I can open the world of wonderful applewine to you, for it is a good stuff to drink and I'm sad because they lose percents on the market since 4 years :(

well cya Magic

"The wise have always said the same things, and fools have always done the opposite"-Schopenhauer

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