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Swapping stuff

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I sometimes wish I lived in medieval times.

Bartaring is a great method of purchase, and can also be quite exciting. I go to a car boot sale (us translate: yard sale, but in a great huge car park with lots of 'yards' out of your car trunk) every sunday, and get so much useful stuff for cheap it's untrue.

OK, there's some stuff that I buy just for the sakes of it, but there's some stuff which is really neat. Take, for example, my evolution mk-101 midi controller/keyboard, worth 150 in its day. Someone had blown up the amp in it so it doesn't make any sound, but the midi interface still works fine, which is what I want it for anyway. I got that thing for 4! ($6)

Take again, for example, a monitor. I had at home a 14" computer monitor I wasn't using. A friend at work had a Sony Trinitron 21" monitor that was too big for what he needed, and he didn't care for selling it, so we did a straight swap.

Now, I've decided that I don't need a 21" monitor, and I too can't fit it in the room with the computer in, so now I've got another guy at work searching in his house for stuff he may want to trade for it. If he hasn't got anything I want, then I'll sell it instead, but it's good fun him coming in every day with different things he's found in his 'Jumanji' room.

He's a lot like me, y'see - has a lot of stuff he wants, but will never find time to use. Eventually he may be able to find something I want.

What I really want is an electric guitar.

Anyone want a Sony 21" Trinitron Flat Screen (note not flat panel) CRT monitor?

- J

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Re: Swapping stuff

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Sounds a good idea. A bit like eBay would be if EVERYONE was a buyer AND a seller. How's about we set up a forum/channel whatever for that purpose. I'm sure others would find it a useful feature and I have things I'd happily exchange.
Sorry mate, not selling my guitar.

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Re: Swapping stuff

How's about we set up a forum/channel whatever for that purpose.

Hm. We could have something like this here. Although we're spread all over the globe, this place has the advantage that you wouldn't be trading with complete strangers.

I added it to my to-do list.

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