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The need to provide

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What guides us in this life?

I have no religion, have my own set of beliefs about right and wrong, good and evil. I have my own ideals, my own dreams.

I say we guide ourselves. I also say there's certain classes of people, and i think you can probably split every person on this planet into 8 or 10 different classes. I for one don't know what they all are, the thought has only just occured to me.

I consider myself a provider. If I had to say one word to describe me, that's what it would be. All I want to do is provide. For my family, and friends. I want to give them everything they want, as well as what they need.

I can't wait to have kids, and all I'll want to do is provide for them too. I was only 18 when I started a pension, to provide for mine and my partners' retirement.

I'm a practical man, and don't want for much. Sure, there's toys I'd like to buy - I want an electric guitar, for one, yet I'm still content without it. As long as I have food to eat, water to drink, and shelter to protect me, I'll be happy. As long as my family are safe, I'll be content.

I'm a provider. I'm the village blacksmith, not the gallant knight. I'm no hero, and I'm no genius. Yet I hope in the bottom of my heart that I'll be a hero to my children, and that they, too, will want only to provide, and be happy.

What are you guys?

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Re: The need to provide

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What are you guys?

Probably a smart ass, though "smart" might be debatable ;-)

Seriously, I thought about it and can't really get more specific than calling myself - well - a human. I just am. Unable to abstract any further.

I sort of envy you for seeing that clear a purpose in life and being happy with it. I can't. I just live, acting on instincts I only occasionally manage or even try to influence or overrule. My biggest achievement in recent years has been to understand and accept this and actually be happy with it (though not really about it). Perhaps this is what describes me best: I want to understand. Perhaps I may call myself a "seeker"? :-)

Other than that, there are only very vague notions of purpose in life. I just want - one day - to leave something behind, to have made a difference to more than only a few aquaintances. What that might be - or why I even want that - no idea.

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Re: The need to provide

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I wasn't going to post on this topic for a very good reason. Mine and Booker's outlook on life seems pretty damn similar if you ask me.
Whilst I'm not one for meticulously planning ANYTHING, let alone my life, I've always had a strong desire to settle down, marry, have kids and earn enough money to keep us comfortably alive. And I don't think it's that much to ask for.
Generally in my life, my decisions are rash impulses based on how I felt at the time but I guess I'm going to have to tame those impulses if I'm ever to achieve the dreams I have. As it is now, with a long term relationship, I'm finding it difficult having to think as a joint entity rather tan as a separate individual. And y'know what? I LIKE it. I'm not saying that I'm happy to be controlled, organised, planned, by someone else for the rest of my life. What I DO like is being a partnership in life. Each investing an equal portion in each other, each determined to make things work for the good of both of us.
This is what drives me, no silly notions of ruling the world or becoming a millionaire. To be a family. I imagine it's probably deeply ingrained in the universal pysche. The innate desire to care for others and to build communities to face the world around us. Hm, I appear to have gone woefully off topic, so I'll stop.

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Re: The need to provide

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I think I should comment on this, regardless of how off-topic it may be (and I didn't think it was, really), simply because I have something to say.

I imagine it's probably deeply ingrained in the universal pysche. The innate desire to care for others and to build communities to face the world around us

This can be seen throughout the natural world. Elephant communities of mothers and children group together for companionship and mutual safety. Alligators (i think it's alligators that do this) group together to lay eggs in one big nest.

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Re: The need to provide

Perhaps I may call myself a "seeker"? :-)

Very well then, "Seeker" shall be added to the list.

So far we have "Provider" and "Seeker". Anyone else care to add to the list?

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Magicdead *** replies...


If there is a provider, someone who gives, there has to be a class of people who constanly take without giving, maybe a "taker"

There also is the class of people who want to better than everybody else (mhh better= surpassing others everywhere) just to show the other people how "good" they are and to show themselves that they are something better.

And there is the class of people who just do things that the masses do, just want to be average because that way, they have a majority of people agreeing them and they have the least resistance.

Well can't get more types at the moment.

Well I, for myself, am the kind of guys who lives by the headline "The way is the aim" (dunno how this is correctly said in english, it's just my translation from german to english). I think that there's nothing you can be perfect in, you can always get better, you can always max your skills. And so I'm never in a state of self-satisfaction and I always have something to work on

cya Magic

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Vladimir * replies...

Re: The need to provide

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Call me a provider-seeker hybrid, since I do have a big need to help people in any way posible, yet still I need to know, to put it simply I'm so curious that I plan to keep learning intesivly to my old age(I'm only 19 now). To make me happy all you need to do is show me you care(not about me, just that you are caring in general), to make me happy my girlfriend only need to smile and kiss me on the cheek, my brother only needs to say "Hi little guy!". Emotional, I'd say yes. I love justice. notting makes me so angry as much as the lack of justice in the world!
I like to have money, yet I don't think of it as something that should control your life. I'm never going to be sorry for spending money for something meaningfull.
Maybe you should list me as a "sheep", or a "very gulable guy"

Vladimir, a truly happy person!

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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: The need to provide

I too would consider myself that provider-seeker hybrid. Vladimir, you just described exactly how I feel (with the exception of sheep: I, though I don't want to be, am generally a bit too cynical to be particularly gullible. . .)

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