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I finally caught a fish!!

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In 1995 or so I caught a 31 inch Catfish. On Wednesday I caught a 12 pound Carp out of my wife's parent's pond. Here is a picture.


It would seem I only catch something big every 7 or so years =)

Needless to say I am extremely happy. I'm going fishing in the morning also. It would be truly remarkable if I caught something... Wish me luck!

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Re: I finally caught a fish!!

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Well come to my place, because of the heat, the fisches or so weak you can catch them with your bare hands, also big ones.

Ok it is a problem because many of em die, so you shouldn't fish them, but it never was as easy as now to catch Very Big Fishes.

well I have a picture of a friend who just caught one, but you don't see it, because there were bad light conditions.

I caught my first fish in the age of 4 when we made holidays in malaysia. We went on a tour through the jungle for 5 days and at a rive I found a fishing rod, 3 metres away i found an apple with a worm, so I combined both, threw it into the river and caught a big fish. Imagine how happy a 4 year old boy is when he chatches a nice fish :)

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