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German Railways!

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Between all the bitching over bad service and ever late trains I actually found out something truly great about German Railways.

On their website they have a screen where they let you enter start, destination and a billion other options and it will generate a Palm database for your specific request. You may then download an extremely light and clean viewer application and from then on you have a personal timetable in your pocket, telling you exactly which train to enter where, when to change trains, etc.

It works for the most complicated routes and across local traffic zones. You have to see their viewer application. It is so neat. It allows you to add as many routes to your offline train schedule library as you want. I love it.

On a sidenote, check out Métro, an application for PalmOS and Pocket PCs allowing you to query public transport timetables for Earth's major cities from your PDA.

So much goodness and not a single cent wasted for GPRS traffic in the future. Unreliable WAP services kiss my ass. The geek inside me is buzzing with joy :)

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Re: German Railways!

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Well, yeah, their route planner is great, but with a BIG but:
you think what my lil sis always does? she aint got a computer, nor does she want to call the 'DB hotline', so she abuses me to get the newest information on how to travel directly over the internet. :-/

but yeah, i actually planned (and put together with editpad (excellent notepad replacement!)) and printed several bigger trips , eg. to Summer Breeze last year.

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