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August 21,2003
Well today was the first day back to classes. It was not a fun thing. I hate having to wake up so early in the morning. And now this is the first year that I am commutting to college I now have to drive 30 mins back and forth each day. To top that off when I get home from hours worth of lectures my parents expect me to sit down and hit the books. I think they could very well be legally insane and just have hidden that fact from me my entire life. Anywayz there were some good points to the day. I didn't get much homework so I can get it done without too much time being taken. And also I got to see Mark today. He always brightens my day. I stopped by his work and ate a quick bite of lunch with him. Well I gotta hit the books so I don't get in trouble by the parents. Hehe. That is how I should refer to the as "The Parents". Makes them sound omnious or something like that. Lata.

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Your parents make me pee my pants ahhhhhh scary!

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Yeah tell me bout it..

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