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Bad Days

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Septemeber 23,2003
Bad days. Hmm...they always seem to come in more then one they always come in a group. Like I never have just one bad day it is like bad days plural. Im just yapping but what's new.

Nothing horrible happened today it just wasn't a good day. Part of the problem is the fact that I am a loser with no friends. Actually that is not true, I do have some friends but they all live far away. So I don't have anyone to do anything with.

Second I know I have to get through school because I know I will appreciate all the hard work in the end but as of right now I am soo sick of it! I want to quit so bad but I know I can't.

The only person I ever do anything with is my boyfriend and I couldn't see him today. I have tried to make friends but college just isn't the same as high school or the younger years. It just is not that easy. Yeah, I mean I could go out and party, get drunk like everyone else, and don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that, it just is...that it is not who I am. I am not the type of person to go out and party. So my college....stinks because that is all you can do there, and that is the only way you can really make friends is if you like to get drunk. So that leaves me out of that picture. And at my work most of the people who work there are way older then I am so that is out of the question too.

My day has consisted of waking up at 7:00am, going to school, coming home, running errands for my mom, doing homework, sitting around, going out to eat with my family, and now sitting on the computer doing some more nothing. O well life goes on I guess. Lata.

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