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Geneve * wants to know...

Near death experiences....

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So many times you will hear stories of people who had a near death experience,especially people who went into a coma and saw their lifes flashing in front of their eyes or they would see the "Light" and so on and so on....
So my question today is: Is there anybody here who actually experienced something like it, and if so, how was it?
I know that no one has the answers and that it is something that will become clear to us on the day when it is our turn to leave this life, but still,there must be people out there who gave this topic a lot of thought and who is also very scared of death and wondering about the phases between life & death and also what is Heaven and hell....?????

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fatalerror *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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Sorry, I havent had any encounter with Near Death Exerience but yes I do believe strongly in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activities around this world.
I do believe that there is something (some sort of power), which is with us here and normal human beings cant see them. Its some people who can feel that power can only understand what it is and if something is wrong at some place or not.

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eljefe *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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I know a guy who's brother had a near, well he died twice. He had gotten shot over a stripper bar dispute that the brother worked at. When he was on the operating table, his heart actually stopped twice (therefore dying twice). My friend tried to find out what he saw, but the brother would never tell because he said it scare the living shit out of him. The brother is now very deep into christianity. My friend thinks he truly saw hell. The brother never ever spoke of it again.

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Sigma_7 *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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When he was on the operating table, his heart actually stopped twice (therefore dying twice).

The stopping of the heart doesn't qualify as death.

When the heart stops, it just means the blood inside of a person's body stops flowing. The supply of oxygen inside the stagnent blood is enough to last for only a limited amount of time, which is increased slightly when a person is already unconcious. Once the time has expired, more permanent damage occurrs (i.e. death).

There are also stories aboutguillotines: even after decapitation, the head of the person tends to live for about 10-20 seconds - without the heart itself (which is no longer functional beacuse it is no longer controlled by the brain.)

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torn13 *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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there must be people out there


very scared of death

Although I know the above is true, it is one of the most unreasonable fears. Everyone is going to die, whether naturally or not. Why be afraid of the inevitable? Real fear should lie in the uncertain.

what is Heaven and hell....

I don't think heaven and hell have definitions. I like to think of myself as open-minded, so I have not formed a solid opinion or belief about the afterlife. I'm inclined to think that there is nothing, and afterlives are just another invention of religion...and I find it hard to trust an institution made up by man without a known origin.
However, a book I read proposed an interesting theory. That depending on what a person believes is going to happen, it will happen. Say, a person believes in reincarnation; so upon death, he/she is reincarnated. If another person believes in a heavenly afterlife, that is where they will go after passing. Unfortunately, this is definitely an optimist's way of looking at things and has many flaws. What about those that are uncertain? It's a nice thought, but with so many faults.
Of course, that's what keeps this battle going. There is no answer pertaining to what happens after death that will sufficiently satisfy everyone.
As for me, if there's something there afterwards, I'll just say "Hmmm, would you look at that..."

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ConfusedYouth * replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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Hi, I don't know if this qualifies as a near death experience, but something happened to me when I was a kid... and it is kind of hard to explain because I was a kid at the time so.. but here it goes.

On the schoolbus ride home one time when I was around 8, this boy started to strangle me. I guess he was joking around, but didnt know he had held on to my throat too long, and basically I was dying. Everyone jumped on him, and yelled at him to get him off but he wouldnt let go. I saw everything go black. It went really really quiet. And then I couldnt hear anything. I felt really peaceful, like when you go to sleep or when you wake up from a good sleep. After the initial struggle of having no air, I mean, it went away and I didnt feel any struggle. All was calm. And then all of a sudden it was really really bright. The brightness wasnt like sunlight or anything like that. It was just kinda like a superbig flash of a white florescent light, like being thrown towards me. And then I heard stuff again, and I started to breathe and cry and I was awake again. I never really told my parents or anyone about what happened until I was way older. I have since studied up on it and it has been explained as like the severe loss of oxygen to the body/brain and what happens to your senses just before you die, etc. But it was very much like the white light everyone talks about. I mean, doctors say when people talk of a white light, that what happened to me is what they are talking about.

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Arei_Drea *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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I've nearly fainted twice in my life, and had that "white light" expirience as well. I'm no doctor and have studied this naught, but it would make sense that it would happen due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

One comment: That must have been frightening to be strangeled at eight. O.o

I have, however, also had that calmness, silence and light exprience while meditating. And i am pretty sure i didnt lose oxygen to the brain.

Oh, well. This sounds like an interesting field for study.

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Demiurgic *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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My mom is a fanatic when it comes to this stuff. She used to drink a lot, and one night she had a nightmare depicting hell for her. She said it felt real and after that she sticks with her story, "i know i was in hell that night." Anyway, i don't think there is an afterlife. The "light" you are speaking of happens when one is deprived of air but is still alive. Many pilots go into an air depredation tank before they fly to see what the feeling is like. They all see the light, but studies have shown it has nothing to do with near death experiences.

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Babygirls_Babydolls * agrees...

Re: Near death experiences....

When you got a second look through my journal at the entry "Death Experience But Not Death At All."

I experiences something like what you mentioned.

~ Babygirls_babydolls~

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invicti * replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

When i was 3 years old i caught meningitis (i probably just spelt that wrong) when my mum stopped in the car park outside the play group centre asking me if i was ok, in the events that followed i saw that memory but i left my body and saw my mum bending over little me asking me if i was ok, quite strange it did not seem imagined as i saw it crystal clear its stuck with me a long time a felt as if i was watching a play when it happened though ill be the first to admit i have a massive imagination (confusion of senses?)Still at least the experience helped me appreciate life, i really cant describe how strange it was to feel like id left my body, but then whos to say the memories didnt become twisted over time, throughout the illness i felt like i was on another level, like i wasnt resting but i was so content (this is before the drugs)i genuinely felt that the whole time i wasnt completely there, just outside watching a play...

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MelMel *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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When i was 3 years old i caught meningitis

hmm, are you sure it was meningitis, not menigicoccal? Meningitis is the viral form of meningococcal.

It would be very rare for you to have an experiance like that with meningitis.

However, when i was two i had an extremely severe bout of chicken pox. And i often dream of a time when my mother was standing over me stroking my hair, and soothing me while i struggled to sleep. You, see, i was awake at the time, and yet when i dream, i am above watching the scene as a third person. This is quite common to dream in this manner. And when i dream i feel myself back as that two year old. In my mind i feel the pain of that confused 2 year old who didnt understand what was wrong or how to fix it. And then i feel the calm of the belief that my mothers arms can hide me from the demons of the world.

I also had meningitis a few years ago...It sucks doesn't it? I can completly empathise.

I think it probably is a case of twisted memory for me too, but it still is comforting isn't it?


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Babygirls_Babydolls * replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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Not exactaly sure if my experience or what I type might help ya..

About 2 years ago I had a experience of my own..I stared getting into believeing in reincarnation (something I don't believe in Now.) I found a link on the internet about how to meditate. It had music the whole 9 yards.. It kinda freaked me out cause it was meditating on all these Strange Gods.. I got off the net that night feeling spooked..I spoke to myself saying this is Crazy. I said aloud Lord Jesus Christ what was I before I was born.. It was only what I can describe as a vision.. I was fully awake walking through the house..

What I was shown is this. I was in my own space, I could see I could hear and I could move.. It was like I was a lil me in kind of a dark area..I want to describe this well so u can picture it..

It was Dark like the sky was a grave yard, but not a real grave yard.. I had my own space kinda like a circular rectangle..I stayed at the bottom Floating..I could hear voice but did not know where they came from..When I looked above me I saw a bluish white light..The light brought me much comfort. I knew without this Light I would die. This light feed me..

This I think is the first step of death.. Like this is what happens right after a person dies.. I believe the light is life and darkness is where Satan dwells.. I believe u travel to this light before entering HEAVEN, or you stay in darkness without this comfort before DEATH.

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kaizley *** replies...

Re: Near death experiences....

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I was hit by a car once.... It wasn't going too fast and i blacked out for a second, but i wasn't hurt all that bad... I guess that could be counted as a near death experience.

I know a friend who has been close to death, but i don't really want to go into that. It's really scary.

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petasun88 * replies...

Fullly awake death experience

It was 1999 a hot summer day in august in Washington State and i was in my apartment and i had a really interesting experience.

The apartment fell black as night and i was extremely perplexed and weirded out.

It was 10am and already about 80 degrees

I was surveying the apartment to find out what was going on going into the livingroom i had two pedestal cats on my home speakers as decoration one black and one white.

While the room was still pitch black i noticed that the black cat was casting a white light shadow almost in reverse of normal and it was the single most coolest thing yet to run my hand thru a white shadow and break it's path with my hand.

I was standing in the livingroom when a figure in a black hooded robe entered and i thought him as death and thru my spirit eyes i did feel as if there were 2 behind him or he was three i did feel as if he had company

I was standing there in one moment and then my spirit and i were standing next to each other and it looked just like me and i had the feeling that i was seperating as i felt also that the christ in me was walking a lower diminsion as if i was split into three.

When my spirit jumped next to me it vanquished or canceled out death or was my protector or? but my spirit was gone and so was death and i was completely cold and could not recover on my own icy state as i could not get warm

I sought the help of my family.

Two weeks later i recieved a new spirit and it was very interesting i was working one day and something walked into me and a feeling so wonderful came over me that i looked around and felt like everybody knew............but nobody did

Prior to the waking death experience i was being quickened and sought god diligently even pushing myself to death to find i was at the time where i had to know for sure.

I had been brought up in the church and in the world and they were selling diffent stories and i decided to find out pass or fail on my own which was right even upon death.

Anyways when i recieved the new spirit my body began to change and i noticed my body shaking at night attuning to a different frequency and it seemed to do that.

It was very scary but after the-fact i have recieved a new spirit that seems more attuned to god and doing good and i don't have base thoughts and the compulsion to do wrong as much as i used to. My body has changed i notice it most in my hands everything has squared up. Everyday i feel like a million nano fans are blowing on my skin as there is a peace like a river.

I am better for the experience and can only imagine that i had outgrown my spirit........hmmmmmmm ever hear of wakeful death?

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