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Nothing in particular. All adults are taken care of at this point, the shopping. Sweeetie asked if I wanted to go in on presents for the nephews and nieces, only 5 minutes before telling me that SNET (phone service) sent us a termination notice. That's my department as far as houshold expenses.

I had to say that I can't get anything for the kids. The phone is just more important. I have money going to be coming in from the ebay stuff, but I'm still waiting for the big check. I'd like to get them something, but I have to look at it as getting my mom in the place where she's willing to have the kids over will be my present to them, even though they'll never know it.

The photos on are going well. I've gotten a few positive comments on them, and that's nice. I posted a few items, a painting and a photo to deviantArt. I think that both have their place and I'm proud to be a (non-paying) member of both. is easier to navigate, and geared more toward the proffessional, where dA is for a younger crowd. It's a bigger, bulkier site, I think--they offer more than the other, but not necessarily related to "art."

Speaking of that, I got a reply to my comment to wolfwoman about her work. She quite the talented artist, but she doesn't call what she does art, it's a hobby. I guess this is only relevant if you've seen what she does.

Anyway, I'm going to have another installment in the Luke saga in a few days; perhaps after X-mas.

Oh yes, now I remember the big news. I went with my step-mom to Best Buys (an electronics chain store) to help her buy a computer for my dad's store. This is where I do most of my ebay stuff. So we walked around and I tried to tell her about all the great features that the computers have, and what RAMM does, and why 512 is a good thing, etc. So they all have no smaller than 80 Gig drives. It's insane. We were comparing two Compaqs. The first one had 512 of Ramm and a 120 Gig drive. The next had 128 and an 80 Gig drive.
She said "This one's only got an 80."
I said "Ell, that's more than you'll ever use in your life. You have a 8 right now."
"Oh," she said smiling.

I'm not going to waste the space talking about all the great features and toys these things come with these days. If it's interesting, you'll know already. If not, it doesn't matter. The good thing of it is that Best Buys offers a Rewars club. for every $125, you get back $5.00 credit. Doesn't seem like alot, but she spent $1,660 on everything. That gives me about 60. to put toward getting Win 2k, which I desperately need.

She got the HP a320f with a 19" flat panel, BTW.

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