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Dec 24, 2003 23:45 # 18333

majic *** is getting sarcastic...

Third Party IE Patch

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"A Web site that published a third-party patch to fix a security hole in Microsoft's Internet Explorer has had to reissue the patch, after the original was found to be flawed.

" published the second patch Saturday, after the first was found to contain a buffer overflow exploit. This exploit, which allowed an attacker to take control of the patched PC, might have been far more damaging than the flaw the patch aimed to fix.

"According to Openwares, only about 6,500 people downloaded the original patch..."

This is the most hilarious story I've ever read. Not only did this company boast about their patch to fix a security problem in IE but they also introduced a buffer overflow exploit... Wonderful. Lets give them a round of applause. And the bigger question here is "Who in their right mind would use such a third party patch for a program that the company doesn't have the source code for?". You must be joking.

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