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Jan 12, 2004 21:57 # 18935

Stoic_Slaughter *** smiles...

Life, darn it.

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I've decided that life rules. Generally speaking, life rules. A lot of terrible things have happened to me recently, and I've come to appreciate the fact that I'm alive. I've learned that death is inevitable but suicide is stupid. There are many injustices in the world, but I'm happy that I get to experience them. I can't imagine not being alive, and I treasure every terrible thing that happens for the sheer fact that it CAN happen; for the fact that we can experience both dreadful and wonderful things. I'm not saying that I'm a happy person, I'm saying that I enjoy life, whatever it may be.

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Nurumi * agrees...

Re: Life, darn it.

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I agree, life is what you make it, good or bad. some people are so far lost that they can't seem to find the good in anything. Some are on the other side not finding anything wrong. As long as you can try and keep yourself in the middle, there can be many good outcomes.

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lotus * replies...

Re: Life, darn it.

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Ahhhh nicely said, what would we do without life afterall? It's a fragile and unpredictable thing at times, but at least it's ours right. People have done incredible things with their lives, both great and small, but all it takes is one ripple upon the water to shift the current..
I will repeat the words of someone great (beg their forgiveness for i cannot remember their name =) "Everyday is a gift" and something from me; "Use it wisely because they don't offer refunds or exchanges". Don't regret a single day for it's what you made it, and remember, tomorrow can be just as good or bad as the previous, you decide.

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Otaku_Samurai ** replies...

Re: Life, darn it.

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I totally agree with all of you, I mean where would we be without life? I think that you should love life and live it to its fullest right? Tomorrows tomorrow, yesterdays yester, the present is now so take life by the reins and steer it where you want to go ^.^

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