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Feb 06, 2004 18:03 # 19577

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WAP-enabling of websites

Upcoming next in a movie theatre near you: How to WAP-enable a website

I'm currently doing lots of researches about how to enable several sites of mine for getting displayed in WAP-enabled mobile phones.

Short explaination for non-geeks:
WAP is an abbrivation for Wireless Access Protocol and is normally used to access special pages of a website by mobile phone. These special pages are written in so-called WML - Wireless Markup Language - one of the first attempts to make some good use of XML (eXtended Markup Language).

But you also can use it to access normal HTML-based pages, although most phone types wont be able to access a lot of them because they aint equipped with enough RAM/allocated memory for this 'mission'.

I'm going to equip darker connection, an alternative/dark event database available both in german and english language, covering the south of germany, with said feature, so one could be eg. in Munich downtown and get some info what concerts, parties, etc. are going on today.

More about this in here, as I said in the introduction, soon. ;)

cu, w0lf.

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