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Cutting *help*

I have been through the stage of cutting to solve my problems. At one point i did it for attention, but then i started using it to relieve stress. Recently i have stopped, but those tempting erges to cut have come back. I have resisted most of the urges, but now my friends are cutting and i'm not sure how to help them stop. I have lectured all of them, but they obviously didn't listen to me, because they are still cutting. I know a lot of them are doing it for attention, which personally i think is extremely idiotic. But some of them are doing it to relieve their stress. I have tried to tell them that there are other ways of relieving their stress, for instance poetry and heavy metal music worked for me. I do not want my friends to hurt themselves any longer, I don't know what i would do if i lost one of them, so how am i supposed to get them to stop???

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Re: Cutting *help*

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