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Bad Times turn to Good Times

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So, this is what has happened. Wednesday I went to Errkas, just as I had on Monday and Tuesday. Then she and I went to church. We got there and saw Jess and Corbin. Then Jess took me in the bathroom and informed me that she and Corbin were now a couple. Aww. Anyway, then Kyle got there. He kinda was acting weird, but he always acts weird towards me when we're around people. But, we were all talking, then he said he was going to go outside to skate. Errka said, "No! Stay here w/ Alesta." I didn't care either way and Kyle was trying to get me to say that I wanted him to stay. I said, "I don't care." And I didn't. Well, then Jordy and Tony got there, and they all went outside to skate. I had a feeling that Kyle wasn't happy about something so I went up to him and asked if everything was ok. He said, "Everythings fine." and gave me a kiss. But I still felt like he was bothered by something and he just wasn't telling me. Then, when service started they all went to the other side of the building to skate so they wouldn't interupt service. I left service to see if he was going to come in and join me. But, before I could ask this kid, who is a big stoner, came up to him and said he needed to ask him a question. Then looked at me and said, "I'll ask you later..." Well, I was mad that Kyle wouldn't tell me what was wrong so I went back in service w/ Alysia. About 20 minutes into the service, Kyle comes in and sits next to me. Totally reeking of weed. I told him, "Do you think I'm retarded? You think I can't smell that?" Then he started laughing and left. I tried to hold in my tears but I couldn't so I went into the bathroom. Emma and Jess followed me in there and hugged me. I heard Jess leave sounding pissed, and I knew she was going to talk to Kyle. Basically, that night I realized that Jordy and Tony are true friends, and that Kyle lets people get the best of him. Kyle went home early and I was silent the rest of the night. The next day at school, Brooke Cisseny told me that Kyle looked really depressed and she wanted to know what was wrong. Then Tony came up and gave me my hat and shoelace that Kyle had had. I saw Kyle and walked over cuz I wanted to talk to him. But he walked away right when I got there. So, that day sucked on all kinda of levels. Then, before last period, I saw Kyle walking w/ his face staring at the ground. I walked to him and asked if we could talk. I told him that, Yes, he did screw up but that people make mistakes. I told him that I didn't want things to end and that I was willing to forgive him. I told that I loved him and I knew that I did, and that this one thing shouldn't change us. I asked him what he wanted and he said, "I want you." So, we made up. He said he was really sorry, and that he told him Mom everything anf he's grounded for only a month. Then, after school, when I got home, the phone rang. It was Kyle, calling for my Mom. he apologized to her, then to Emma. Then on Friday, he apologized to all my friends who were there or who knew about it. So now, things and kinda back to normal. He's grounded, but he told me not to worry about Valentines Day.

Well, on a happier note. I'm at Kks. Last night we watched 'GhostShip' and today we are going to the Tacoma Mall w/ Kitty. Fun times. But I'm going to go now. My life is taking place...

Ooga Booga Booga, aLESTa

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