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Mar 15, 2004 20:03 # 20355

Jaz *** smiles...

Feline justice restored

Do you remember my my post about our cat who was kidnapped on Christmas Eve? Today my sister told me that the police had raided the house he was confined in for the last three months. He is now free to rock and roll under the loving care of his new foster family.


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Mar 15, 2004 22:34 # 20359

null smiles...

Justice at last!

I hope these bastards got their asses kicked by the cops!

What's gonna happen next?

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Mar 15, 2004 22:43 # 20360

Jaz *** replies...


What's gonna happen next?

I don't really know more than what my sister told me. We handed over legal ownership of our cat to a friendly family who still lives in his old territory (my family moved some blocks away in 2001 and our cat couldn't let go of his old turf, which basically is how this whole mess started). So it's up to the cat's new staff to press any charges or not.

Personally I wouldn't bother with any further legal hassle. All that matters is that he is free to roam again.

'Yeah, That's what Jesus would do. Jesus would bomb Afghanistan. Yeah.' - snowlion

Mar 16, 2004 06:16 # 20375

MelMel *** replies...

Re: Feline justice restored

Glad to hear it :)


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Mar 16, 2004 06:24 # 20376

gentledeepwaters *** replies...

Re: Feline justice restored

That news brings my heart a smile that will last for a long time.

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Mar 18, 2004 02:21 # 20439

Stoic_Slaughter *** replies...

Re: Feline justice restored

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That's so wonderful. Sometimes humans can be the most animalistic things in the world, and I'm exceptionally happy that your little cat gets to live the healthy life that he deserves.

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