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I seem to enjoy things that occur in nature, such as thunderstorms. A severe one just swept on by, and I enjoyed it; ever since winter started, no thunderstorms visited my area (naturally.. but snow wasn't around much either!)

The sound of thunder and the sight of lightning flashing around the sky is just enjoyable to me. Hail is nice, too, except when it does damage. I also find the sound of rain to be quite pleasant, it helps me to relax.

My dad and I stood in the garage watching the storm, and feeling a little sorry for the mailwoman who had to drive around delivering the mail, but she seemed fine. Twizzle managed to get out and became soaked, poor thing. He shook nonstop trying to get dry.

There are some disadvantages when it comes to storms, though.. the power can get knocked out, tornados can appear, large hail can create chaos, lightning can strike trees and houses (as well as people in very rare cases). But I still love thunderstorms, as long as I'm inside!

Does anyone else out there share the same opinion about this fantastic act of nature?

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Re: Thunderstorms!

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I've seen the awesome power of nature firsthand. This summer (in the middle of July), a small stormfront coming in through Arkansas entered downtown Memphis, and exploded. It rained a couple of feet, and there were 70-90 mph (around 115-145 kph) winds. The National Weather Service eventually classified it as an inland hurrican, I believe. I was on one of the busiest roads in suburban Memphis, and we pulled off to stop, directly in the path of greatest destruction. It was simultaneously one of the most exhilirating and frightening things I've ever experienced.

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Jaz *** replies...

Re: Thunderstorms!

Thunderstorms can be very relaxing, only when they are not.

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TheCeleryStick *** replies...

Re: Thunderstorms!

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My dad used to sit out and watch the rain and me play in the gutters with toy boats, ahh how i miss the good old days. I still love falling asleep to the rain.

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Sane_Psychologist *** replies...

Re: Thunderstorms!

Thunderstorms are the greatest. I love the roar of the thunder and the bolts of lightening. The sound of the rain is so relaxing, me and my brother used to go in our back yard to play football while it was raining, one of us would slip and get hurt then we'd go back inside only to watch the rain fall and the lightening fall from the sky. I also have known that I can fall asleep much easier if it rains than if it is a calm night. Wind is awseome also but thunderstorms altogether rock.....take care yall...dueces

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