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Mar 24, 2004 21:06 # 20743

mitch * smiles...

Best friends

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Hey people, this is my first time on this site and i think its great!

I just wanted 2 tell u about my best friend. She is the best friend anyone could have. A while ago i had a bit of trouble at school with people being horrible and calling me names for no reason. No one seemed to notice as i tried not to show how much it sometimes hurt. But one day i couldn't hold it in and cryed for the first time infront of my friends. My best friend has been there for me ever since. We have developed a really close bond and a great friendship that i feel will last forever.

Whenever any of the people are horrible to me again she always sticks up for me and gives me a little wink and squeezes my hand. I know these things sound quite small and insignificant but its the little things that help and make the difference. I dont know what i'd do without her support, help, sympathy and most of all, her love. She means the world to me and i hope that she realises this soon!

Whoever reads this, dont let go of your friends as they are the best. Tell them how much they mean to you before its too late, otherwise you could regret it.


Mar 25, 2004 15:04 # 20794

shakylegs * agrees...

I agree

Hey mitch,

i know you how you feel and i agree, when you did break down i started to cry too as i realised that i had never in all the years i have known you have never seen you cry before. This was really upsetting also for me because it really showed how hurt you were.

I'm fed up with those people who cant stand having their feelings trodden on but they freely walk over ours. Dont worry ever what those people say mitch because unless you really like then then it shouldn't matter. There are so many other peole in your life, who are better for you because in know you well in enough to say that you are better then any of those guys at college. They mighth have their good moments but when i'm with you, i never see a badside because i dont think you have one.......... Oh god i'm too nice to you! :-)

But yeah isnt this site so cool, you can just say what you might be afraid of saying in person and tell the world what you want - i love it! Glad you do too!

Lots of love
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Mar 28, 2004 04:11 # 20908

everybodys_fool *** wants to note...

Re: Best friends

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Keeping your friends as you move on gets more difficult, though. People change, and when you do loose that special friend it's pretty hard to get them back. So i do agree with you to try and keep your friends. Some of them will last forever and others will drift away into an endless black hole.=D Not that black holes are bad or anything.
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shakylegs * wants to know...

Re: Best friends

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Just to add, its amazing to watch people and how they chop and change out of friendships as if they didnt even like the person in the first place its so hard to be able to completely trust someone.

I reckon that in my whole life i will only be able to trust two or three people one definatly being my mum.

But i must be honest someone that tells me a secret that isnt life threating or anything and if i'm not especially close to that person i would sometimes pass the secret on, just writing this makes me think how awful a person i must be!

Can you reasure me? I'm i just one of those horrible people as only my close friends and family have my trust! Although if the secret was really really personally and that person really wanted me to keep it to myself - other wise i'm a gossip.
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Mar 29, 2004 09:01 # 20945

shopgal *** smiles...

Re: Best friends

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Whoever reads this, dont let go of your friends as they are the best. Tell them how much they mean to you before its too late, otherwise you could regret it.

How true! I hang out with a rather large clique in sch now, but the only 2 frens closest to my heart are from my elementary school days where we queued up together and helped each other tie pony tails (and still had silly sling water-bottles!). We grew up together and saw each other “change”, so know each other’s eccentricities and insecurities. In the recent years it has been difficult to keep up the f’ship cos 3 of us took different courses (banking, marketing, design) and had bfs etc, such that sometimes it even required pre-booking a mth prior just to meet together. But I am always grateful that we could still pick up where we left off chatting fr the “last time we met”.

I think we “know” that we are the bestest of frens, but I dun say it enough. Or rather 2 of them usually blame me for playing the fool. But I find it mushy to say “oooh, u 2 r my best frens”, which is strange I supposed, cos gals shld be adept at saying such things :). But your post just reminded me, I haven’t talked them for a week, should call them as soon as I log off. Actions speak louder than some mushy phrase.

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