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Standing in the rain

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When i stand in the rain i feel free. A sence of liveliness runs through my body. The droplets of rain look so smooth as they fall. Standing in the rain feels like i'm standing in another world. A peaceful world in which the thunder and lighting are my friends. But what's the best of all is when the rain is gone and everything is wet. The drops that had fallen sparkle on the grass and trees. Everything looks so perfect, it doesn't even seem real. When the rainbow appears i realize this is what i want the world to look like. So pretty and untouched. So refreshed and calm. Standing in the rain brings unto you a whole other world; a world that i want.


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Ozric * replies...


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I know exactly what you mean, i Love the rain, i feel more alive in the rain than anything else... You know what i dont understand, why the weatherman says things like "bad weather" and "good weather" because theres no such thing its just weather and elements, the planets attempt at balencing itself out. I prefer rain and storms to the sun :-)

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Re: Standing in the rain

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There's this fact that I like to stand in the rain, wearing my leather coat, spreading my arms .. and fly. *lol*
No, but actually, feel the life. Strange things ..

'cant rain all the time' ;)

Oh, and about the rainbow: SB 2004 #1 SB 2004 #2

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