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Apr 13, 2004 17:22 # 21443

everybodys_fool *** smiles...

Playing in the rain!!

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I absolutely love playing in the rain. I love rain, period. It's so soothing and refreshing, and when you splash in puddles the water goes everywhere. When I was little and it used to rain I would go outside with my little umbrella and pretend I was Mary Poppins. Now, I go outside and dance and sing in the rain. I don't care if others see me dancing and jumping into puddles, because playing in the rain is something that I love to do. I guess you could call it a hobby. After it rains it smells so good too. If only people could bottle that smell. I know they have candles of the smell, but it's not the same scent. After i've had my fun outside in the rain, I come inside and i look like a drowned cat. But the look just shows how much fun i've had being stupid outside. I love playing in the rain.

Now we speak with ruined tongues, and the words we say aren't meant for anyone. -bright eyes-

May 03, 2004 21:01 # 22116

mye *** replies...

Re: Playing in the rain!!

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Rain rocks! As a matter of fact... it's raining right now! I think I'll cut this short and go frolic!

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