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May 05, 2004 10:49 # 22143

lotus * smiles...

The good times

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What i think RULES is getting together with some good friends and reminiscing about the hilarious and upmost stupid acts you've been caught doing over the years together. If not for the ab workout it'll give you, the immense pleasure of remembering some of the most precious times you had with friends ;)
If you haven't indulged in that in a while, invite a few people over or get on the phone, it'll brighten your day! This is a toll free number. n_n
"Well then, why not!" - dear friend

the end is the beginning.

May 15, 2004 02:40 # 22418

eine_grosse_katze * replies...

Re: The good times

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I am in agreement, however, most of dani's good times involve the discussion of one Mr Dominic Monaghan. have you knowledge of this man? if so visit for praise of him and the elusive Mrs E Russell (if you know her you will be VERY well received!)
Some thing else which rules is Hallo aus Berlin. im not sure under which catagory this comes so i will say it anyway and hope for replies on the subject and its brilliance.
something which does NOT rule is naked sir ian mckellen (i advise you to believe it when it says "not for the faint hearted"!)
thank you for your time.

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