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May 06, 2004 01:51 # 22160

MadMaks *** posts about...

Mini Cooper Robot

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A buddy of mine comes into my room today and tells me his old teacher is now famous for building the most advanced robot known to man. Of course I'm hesitant to believe him, he tells a good tale, then he goes on about how the this teacher left the U.S to go work in England. Now the U.S Government wants him back because his research is so far advanced. (this was, supposedly a teacher in my buddies highschool). Anyways... He really doesn't have much proof, except for a website...

Well go there and see for yourself, I'm not into the "robotic" scene but i was pretty impressed. I don't know if the rest of my buddies story is accurate, but the mini cooper robot is seriously sweet. When do they start production.

May 06, 2004 22:46 # 22172

Jazz____yes_thats_my_name * wants to note...

Not real

Well, it's a great rendering of a robot but I fail to see the real thing.

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May 07, 2004 10:39 # 22178

Jaz *** replies...

Re: Mini Cooper Robot

The whole thing is obviously made up (an ad campaign for MINI?), but in a truly great fashion! Imagine such a beast would actually exist.

I, for one, welcome our new transformer robot overlords.

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May 07, 2004 11:44 # 22183

MadMaks *** replies...

Re: Mini Cooper Robot

As I said i know nothing about robotics, I'm interestead to know how and why it's a fake- and not the real deal?

May 08, 2004 17:43 # 22210

Jaz *** replies...

Re: Mini Cooper Robot

The robot moves way too smoothly. Or check out the video in which the bot stops a car. The laws of physics in this video are badly out of touch with reality.

'Yeah, That's what Jesus would do. Jesus would bomb Afghanistan. Yeah.' - snowlion

May 07, 2004 11:02 # 22180

null throws in his two cents...

Re: Mini Cooper Robot

If it's really all a fake it'd be a real pity...
because I absolutely want to own one of these. =)

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