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Mar 01, 2002 20:43 # 2281

Intelex * has all the information you need...

My New Web Site

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Please check it out.


Mar 01, 2002 20:51 # 2282

Jaz *** replies...

Re: My New Web Site

Oh no!! Not another web site I have to read every day!

But nice work anyway :) Sorry I probably kicked you out while you were online... I was changing something about the very guts of this page.

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Mar 02, 2002 03:03 # 2286

gentledeepwaters *** replies...

Re: My New Web Site

Love the look of it, very classy, open, light, scanned top back n feast later.

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Mar 23, 2002 06:22 # 2530

kieth * replies...

Re: My New Web Site

well! 'think i'll be constant looks good 4 me .mm

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