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This morning was just awful. When my sister woke me up by jumping around nerve-rackingly in the room next to mine, I was having a hangover from last night and in my head was still this bad dream about a former good friend of mine who I started to neglect and ignore right after finishing my ‘Abitur’, and this dream’s leftovers turned into a bad conscience since I’ve really treated this friend like that. As soon as my Mum noticed I was awake she invaded my room informing me about the pleasant fact that I had to stay at home looking after my sis this night while she and my dad would be going out. Of course she didn’t know there was this big party I had actually planned to go to, probably one of the last big parties in a club that will shut down soon. Then I saw our dog munching on my clothes.

This was too much.

Poor Jaz called and I think I almost killed him with my anger. I got worked up about it so much that I just wanted to cry and beat something up. I was deadly furious. First I threw myself on my bed crying and banging my head on the wall, but suddenly I found a solution to stop myself being that destructive and on the contrary turn my emotions into constructiveness: I did sort of ‘action painting’: I grabbed some pens and paints and plunged myself onto a big sheet of paper, I hit the paper aggressively with the pens, I scratched and rubbed, I put my hands into the paints and spread them on the sheet, I even spat on it.

Suddenly I stopped and regarded my work: It looked interesting. And my anger was gone.

Well, almost.. I continued to paint, did another picture and quite liked it.

I felt much better now. By that time I realized that Jaz had put a parcel for me in our letterbox. It contained jokes, some candies and a CD featuring some funny songs and speeches.


I really didn't deserve this after having annoyed him like I did just because of a stupid party..

I'm a candy-addict though.
The CD really made me ROFLMHO.
I even got some of the geek jokes...

And I'm prepared for a nice evening at home now :) .

Tschüss, alder Babbsack! Hier parkste richtig.

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Jaz *** replies...

Re: Action-painting

Because GeoCities sucks (they shut down Ettena's website because of bandwidth limits. Obviously more than two people dared to download the pictures) I mirrored the pictures on

Picture One
Picture Two

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gentledeepwaters *** replies...

Re: Action-painting

The first truly mirrored what you were feeling even the colors chosen like flares of the different angers that combined the whole......the second I love the technique and don't know how you accomplished it......very very talented...grins... also says to Ettena ready to meet challenges even if is babysitting on the absolutely wrong night.
Thanks to both of you, for sharing them.

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Jaz *** replies...

Re: Action-painting

She's really good at drawing. Although she likes to think she's not.

'Yeah, That's what Jesus would do. Jesus would bomb Afghanistan. Yeah.' - snowlion

Mar 04, 2002 13:51 # 2315

gentledeepwaters *** replies...

Re: Action-painting

?? I thought perhaps studying art if not an art major......she has sorry Ettena for discussing you.....but you do...

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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