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Need advise.....Help...

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Back in the 7th grade, i met this girl and thought of her as just a friend. As the years went on in 8th grade, i was best friends with her and started to like her. Her apperance was not the best but it didnt matter.. i cared about her personality, not her body. To me, she was the nicest girl i ever met! She was the model of a true friend - always caring for you, helping you with school or personal life. In 9th grade, (where i am now) she suddenly recived a boyfriend....not me...i was devistated. I just longed to go back to the past and be her boyfriend instead of that other guy who she's known for a while. I havent told her that i like her yet...but she told me that she liked me...7th and 8th grade. I could have had her! But....i was too scared to ask her out. When they break up, i dont want her because i wanted to be her first boyfriend, to share her first kiss...i tried to forget about her but i cant! she's still by best friend and i feel horrible the more im with her. I dont know how to help the pain.. should i ask her out when they break up? should i drop her as a friend? should i tell her that i love her? what should i do?

please help...thanks

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Jen * replies...

Re: Need advise.....Help...

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If she's your best friend, then you should be able to tell her and express to her how you feel. And why you're hurting and what you plan on doing about that hurt.

She's not a mind reader and she can't guess. Love is such a tricky emotion and one that should never be played with. You need to decide what you really want.

Wanting to be her first is understandable, but not practial if you're not going to be upfront with her. Just because you weren't the first doesn't mean you wont be the best. Or doesn't mean it wouldnt mean more.. it's the depth of the feelings you have for one another that makes something more then not.

My suggestion would be to sit her down at a comfortable common place and tell her what lays heavy on you're heart. That is the only way you can be true to yourself and so to her. You both deserve that... but, before you can own up to what is within your heart you need to figure that out. Go somewhere and think about it. Do you really want to be with her, or do you just not want anyone else to be with her.

"Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you'll just smile."

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Don't lose your friend

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I personally feel that we can live without our love but its really hard to live without a friend. It's because if we are far from our love we can share our problems with our real friends but when if we are away from our friends no one can help us out, except God. So as u say if she is your real friend u should express yourself sincerely keeping in mind that there is no lieing between friends. So that your internal fight may not end up in such a way that u not only lose your love but your real friend.

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deepest * replies...

Re: Need advise.....Help...

Well I have been through the samething and we didn't get together until the summer before 11th grade. We ended up being together for two years. Keep being her friend but be her closet friend. As time passes by you will seem perfect and the other guys to her will seem like a waste of time.Her feeling might still be there for you. Or if you think time is short talk to her let her know whats on your mind and how you feel. A great guy is an honest and stright forward guy. Just to let you know that might be your future wife.

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Unstable_One * replies...

Re: Need advise.....Help...

Dude girlfriends come a dime a dozen. Stay her friend. If something else more was meant to be.. it'll work it's way to that. Until then.. just chill out. Ya got plenty of time.

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