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Jun 11, 2004 16:55 # 23213

everybodys_fool *** smiles...

No school...for now

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Well, another year of school has been completed...another year of annoying teachers, and uncomfortable desks is gone. Summer has started, even though technically it's still spring. 2 months of sleeping late, staying up late, and going places. 2 months of meeting new people and going new places. The school year seemed to go by fast, and i'm hoping that the summer won't go by that fast. It seems like every year, the weeks and months fly by me, and i seemed to be stuck on monday when it's friday already. But surprise, surprise...i'm actually going to miss the people that bothered me in school so much. I'm going to miss the annoying bell. But once these 2 months go by i'll have to hear the bell, listen to the annoying teachers, and sit in the uncomfortable desks once again...but i'm going to enjoy this summer, and it's going to be wonderful...and maybe i'll actually look forward to the first day of school...and maybe i won't.

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Jun 16, 2004 21:35 # 23460

DonnieDarko * replies...

Re: No school...for now

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Yes. School is out. But my summer is full of boredom, yelling parents, annoying siblings, and the internet (for most of this summer.) I need to find a job. Get out of my house. And hang out with my friends. Oh well.. Atleast i get to have a party (water balloon fight) this summer.

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