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LOVE Acronym

I made this acronym myself (with the help of a dictionary )

People in LOVE
Listen to,
Obsess over,
Value, and
Enjoy the company of
the person he/she is in love with.

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FulinLisa * replies...

Re: LOVE Acronym

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People in LOVE Lose Over Values Eternally.

It's a pessimistic view, I know, but for someone out of love I think it suffices my feelings especially as I am rather annoyed with the pathetic way in which people regard love as more of an accessory to add to their key rings ('got the car, the house, the LV bag and matching purse and..oh..the boyfreind')and not what it should be: the deeply spiritual, beautiful and honourable element of this world and our lives.

Love truley does make the world go round, which is why it seems in this modern age full of love-replaced-with-drug minds it is not.

Awakening is natural. Delusion is not.

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