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This should probrably be in other topics or my journal, but it ruled far too much to not put in this forum.

Last Saturday I got back from my senior trip, which was a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan Bay, Honduras, somewhere (never new the name) in Belize, then back to Mexico to visit Cancun, and lastly dock back in Houston, Texas where we left from.

Right after getting on the boat one of the staff members lead the only other girl that went on the trip and myself to our "stateroom"--a space that is roughly half the size of my bedroom. After having a good laugh at the size and the fact that almost everything in it was salmon pink, Ashley dared to peek into the bathroom. That ended all mirth. It was barely big enough for one person to stand in, however it had a very tiny shower, a vaccuum toilet (which sounds like some sort of small rocket being launched), and a sink. It thankfully wasn't pink. It was some sort of grungy turqoise color. All down the hall you could hear the rest of the gang (thirteen guys) flushing their toilets and laughing like it was the funniest thing they've ever seen/heard/played with.

Disaster struck. As we played lugage was being delivered, hours later I was one of two people that never recieved my only piece of lugage (and unfortunately close to every article of clothing I own was in it). My friend Robby was the only other person that didn't get their bag. The one he lost only had pants in it. I was saved by the fact that Sam had claimed my bag way back before my ride got to the dock (our driver was at the end of the carpool because they tend to take there time to get anywhere). I laughed my head off when I finally got it, because Sam and the other guys swore up and down they didn't get any luggage that wasn't theres. At the end of the trip we found out that Robby's suitcase was tucked under Bridger's bed.

Our first stop, Cozumel, turned out to be the only truely "party stop" we had the whole trip. Most people got completely smashed, lucky for me I have an outragous alchohol tolerance (proves 7 shots of tequila, 2 maragarita's, an unknown amount of Bacardi, 3 shots of Smirnoff, and two beers summing up to a slight buzz, all of which consumed in give or take three hours). Bo and Ashley were falling all over eachother, Sean was staggering and Josh H. was completely shitfaced. I almost didn't think Ashley, Bo, and Josh were going to make it back to the ship. Before the alchohol spree I baught a very nice fire opal ring.

The night before while we were still out at sea Bo and Jesse found someone to get them alchohol while on board, it was the first time Jesse had ever drank in his entire life and he got so drunk I had to hold him in a headlock to keep him from running all through the ship at one in the morning being loud and obnoxious and subsequently getting kicked off once we hit port. He was amusing though, kept cracking jokes and hitting on random girls. After he passed out the rest of the gang and I were sitting in the little lobby on our deck (deck three the Atlantic Deck, twas the second to bottom occupancy deck on the ship), we then desided that the 1500 occupancy ship was nothing more than a big boat that was as old as we are (it's maiden voyage was in 1985). Also, the night before that Ashley and I discovered it was damn near impossible to sleep in our room because it was just about centered over the engines and the maddening droning noise they made.

That very night we also discovered how much fun it was to go up to deck 8 (where all the really nice staterooms were) and drop fruit down these little tubes between the stair case and the wall. It is daft of a cruise line to leave alot of apples and oranges free for the taking just laying around when our class is around. One kid got hurt, and we scattered like mice, and one of the cleaning ladies from the Philipines said she'd never seen The Boat so trashed out in her career.

After Cozumel we went to Honduras, a very poor but very beautifal place. We went to a beach called West End Beach, I swear to the gods it was the most beautifal beach I've ever seen in my life. Robby spent alot of time trying to catch a fish with his hat, Ashley and I found a starfish. However, disaster struck again. we got back to The Boat and realized that we were covered in lovely little red splotches which Roy (the friendly Jamacan waiter) told us were jellyfish stings. None of us felt them though they covered my back, arms, and even my legs. Later on after I got back home, the red splotches vannished and a delayed poison set in swelling the bastards up and making them leak yellow puss and itch like all hell. :-( They still haven't gone away. Anyways, whilest there Ashley and I got our hair done in braids for $25.00. I also got to play with a monkey, it scared our chaparone, Shirly pretty bad when it jumped off my shoulder at her, heh heh.

Belize, another extreamly beautifal place that has damn good hotsauce and chicken. I went to a little place called The Cock and Bull and ate some chicken poppers with habanero pepper sauce. I baught a bottle of the red and green hababero sauce to bring home. By george it was a worthy investment. Other than that I didn't do much while I was there. That night on board we had our last big group dinner in the Four Seasons Dinning hall with Roy, our "boyeeeee" from Jamaca. He was the coolest waiter I've ever met, even slapped me a high five one morning when I'd been up on the sundeck having a very lousy breakfast (food is saved for another part of the post). We also got to see Marek the cool drink guy from Poland.

Cancun was great, on the tender boat leading to shore we were suprised to see a boat with a dude and a tiger in it pull up beside us to advertise their wilderness adventure. The tiger looked board to me. That day Josh S, Robby, and I all roamed about the city and ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, twasn't the best food I'd ever had but it beat Boat Food. I also aquired some pesos. All seventy of them are worth roughly seven bucks in the USA. We also saw sea turtles and some cool looking big fish on the way into a picture of a turtle.

Lastly there was the on boat activities, wich included us watching a really funny talent show, a comedian by the name of Sam Gresbaum (grese bomb), and of course the alchoholics in the group. By the end of the trip I had named Bo, Jesse, and Cody's room the Drunk Tank, it had well over fifty cans making up a "beeramid" and quite a few rows of bottles. Also we met two slightly younger kids, one was a girl from Arkansas named Vanessa, and the other from California named Nathan, he was overly amused by my term "beeramid" and the name "drunk tank". In fact Bo was amused by it too.

Dining was very sad thing on board, first there was the Big Apple Cafe (where we aquired the fruit), a buffet with the worst breakfast menu ever. Nothing was fresh and only the coffe and OJ was good. The Four Seasons Dining Room was the best place to go A) it had Roy and Marek, and B) we one night found ultimate amusement in a piece of steak Sam got that looked like a penis. I wish I would have had a camera. The food there was usually edible but bland as can be. We always had vanilla sundaes after dinner, and overly syrupy cherry cokes to drink. Robby had totaly wiped out The Boat's supply of Dr. Pepper (no big loss to me).

When we geared up to dismebark TJ commented that we were indeed excited to get on The Boat, however we're far more excited to get back off of it. I wasn't. I actually liked being out at sea, gave me time to think and look at the ocean, which I don't get to do very often. Besides, I adore sailing, beautifal sunrises/sets and free food.

The drive home was dull, people managed to aquire pictures of Sam and I sleeping side by side (heads almost touching) in the Yukon. It's only funny cause the basis of our friendship is the fact that we disagree on most things and are almost always guaranteed to argue.


P.S. I managed to get online onboard for a few minutes and talked to Jaz whilest semi-checking email and forums. This time I managed to get promised pictures (see former journal entry on my new house...btw: I'm still getting those pictures developed :-p).

Trip Pictures are found here.

--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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