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Is it meant to be?

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This friend of mine has been telling me everything about this thing she has for a guy. I don't know what to tell her...maybe you could it ges...

It started when she told him she liked him. Things haven't been going too bad, just...akward for them. They don't talk much, just look into eachothers eyes alot, and smile, can't forget smile. They get along, I just think that she should DO something before it gets out of hand.( meaning that if she doesn't make the next move, she'll lose him ) What can I do to help her out. Should she...hug him next time they are alone, or...what?



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Re: Is it meant to be?

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I believe cuddling is the first step. maybe thats just me. but cuddling can lead to many, many, MANY other things. so i suppose just tell her to put her arm around him and curl up with a good movie, and just see where that goes.

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Re: Is it meant to be?

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Only being truthful here so plz don't Flame me on this. A couple of things i'd like to know. Because alot of things change after you hit 21 and now that im 26 im still seeing stuff way different now then i ever had before. In my personal Experience I don't like it when a girl tells me she likes me because then I know im in no matter what. and I can do no wrong if that makes sense~ I guess if I was in your shoes and the guy I'd go for it and make the first move. But in your case being the female? I'd say just sit tight if you can if not let him go and you need to find someone else if the guys got no balls to tell you what he feels then he's probably not feeling it anyway or too shy to say anything. The older i get the more I change my opinion on stuff tho so lol I'd prob go with a female opinion on this one P~

1. How old are these 2?
2. Whats he mean to you?

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Re: Is it meant to be?

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Ok, well, she is my age, almost 17, and he is already 17... I think. Um... she danced with him Thursday night, and she asked him how he felt about her. He said that he didn't know her all that well, but he wants too. I know this only cuz I was dancing right next to them and I got to hear it...MWAHAHAHAHA... I'mm so evil sometimes... anywho. I think they are going to try a lot to get to know each other... I hope so.. I need to go now, so, I hope that answered everything you asked.

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