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Magnifico *** posts about...

Fat loot, etc.

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So, here I am. I've finally got internet in Europe after quite a while without, and a slightly extended duration of internet without access to NAO. I'm currently in Prague after Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Madrid, San Sebastian, Pamplona, and Bilbao. I'm heading off to Vienna in two days, then after one day thither, Munich for a few days. This vacation has been unbelievably incredible thus far, including the moments of fear when a drunken comrade disappears or a 'tender asked for identification (har har, yes we're legal to drink, thanks for the joke Mr. Barkeep). Here in Prague, I've found a cool little pub called the Marquis de Sade, and, coincidentally, the bartender from there is somewhere here in the Internet Cafe. Spain was cool in a very laid-back kind of way; Paris was a somewhat more hectic, cosmopolitan area and well worth the trip.

I'm looking forward to München, and hoping desperately to at least catch sight of the infamous Jaz. Mayhaps I'll walk around with a large sign reading "Ich bin Magnifico" . . .

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ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: Fat loot, etc.

Hm I think I oughta look up when you wanted to arrive in thus our lovely country called Germany. Obviously me .. hopefully-to-be .. new girl friend might then still be here (at my site), so .. well.

Anywaz, I hope you are able to look up mail, cause I gonna give you some contact informatiobn, so maybe you're able to contact me as soon as you've arrived to Munich ;)

cu, w0lf.

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null wants to know...

Re: Fat loot, etc.

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Jaz and I have just discussed the chances of getting to Munich in time. The problem is that it's in the midst of a working week. But we'll see!

Do you have a detailed schedule yet, or is it more a case of "we'll get there and see what happens"?

(To all the others in and around Augsburg/Munich, would you like to join, too? If I drive to Munich I could take in Bregenz-Lindau-Memmingen-Ulm-Augsburg along the way without too much delay.)

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wizz *** replies...

Re: Fat loot, etc.

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I would like to join, but just as well can't give a definite yes. What date are we actually talking about?

But if it worked out:
It would be cool if I could get a ride, but it would probably be rather impractical for you to pick me up at home. However, if you plan to pick up Jaz, too, it will be easiest to just meet you there. If not, I think I could get over to Munich on my own as well without too much hassle.

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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: Fat loot, etc.

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It wouldn't be fair to ask everybody to drop what they've got to come see me (like I'm that entertaining to begin with), but I'll be in Munich from the 29 of this month til the first of July. I leave on the second. Thanks for the contact information, too, Wolf. I'm not quite sure about where I'll be in Munich, but I doubt it'll be hard to get around. At present, I'm looking into the possibility of a "Magnifico" button or sticker or the like, but it looks doubtful. I haven't seen a printshop here yet. And as far as plans go, this whole trip has been very "get there and see how it goes' because I'm travelling with my grandfather and mother. I don't really quite know how things will turn out, but I would really love to meet some of you guys if it doesn't become a logistics problem. I couldn't really control time/period of arrival.

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Jun 28, 2004 11:06 # 23815

Jaz *** replies...

Wizz, null

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I sent Magnifico my phone number as well as a list of dates when I'll be able to make it: In this order, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening.

I'll contact everyone of you if I hear from you.

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