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You don't deserve this.

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There are some people who just seem to attract bad shit. They're a ten the bad-shit-ometre.

I feel so sorry for my poor friend clare. For the first few years of knowing her i treated her like shit. Actually, until the start of this year i treated her like shit. I used her as a way of making myself feel superior. But then she grew up so much over the christmas holidays and i began to see what a kind caring, sweet and considerate person she really is. She forgave all the things i had done to her and the way i had treated her.

Clare has three elder brothers. Over the christmas holidays the youngest of the brothers -paul - best friend died in a car crash. Clare was devastated. She knew the boy quite well. And now, last night or this morning i should say her middle brother david was in a car crash. He's 20. He is currently in a coma, bleeding internally in the head.

The doctors are still hopeful of a recovery...But it must be terrible for her. I know that she will be thinking about kyle (the boy who died) and i know that right now she will be looking after her other brothers and parents as much as she can. That's what she's like. She always looks after everyone else before thinking about herself. For example, if you forget lunch one day, she'll force-feed you her food if she has, but she will make sure that you eat.

I wish i'd been a better freind to her.

I wish i could help more now.

She's gone through, and is still going through much more than she deserves. She deserves better.


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Re: You don't deserve this.

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I'm very very sorry to hear about your friend's misfourtune, send her my well wishes.

I wish i could help more now.

I know that it never seems like we can do enough for the people that we care about, but Mel, do keep in mind that the little things you can/will/have do/done to help her out still count for quite a bit.


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Re: You don't deserve this.

I know that my reply comes late, but I still want to express my deepest sympathies to you and your friend. I hope that by this time she is doing better, as well as her brother. I also believe that it's the little things that mean the most. I'm sure that you helped out your friend more than you know. Once again my deepest sympathies. Please let us know how your friend, and her brother, are doing. We are all concernd.

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Update time

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My friend is doing well, she is lovely optimistic person.

Her brother is awake and in a normal ward in the hospital. The only brain damage he has is temporary in whatever are decides what is socially acceptable, so as a result my friend regales us with hilarious stories everyday as the natural humour he had but ssurpressed for so long shows through.

All is well. In time that damage will repair though, and he should eventually return to normal.



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