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My car's bumper stickers

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I have decided to update my car by putting a wide range of bumper stickers on it. I have been researching bumper sticker pop culture. I've learned about Emily (the dark hair girl)and semper fi and all that stuff. I'm going to get all my favorite bands, the emily sticker and her cats, a few mystic stickers (just cool drawings), Darwin fish, and others. I do however have a question, I have been trying to find the meaning of "Fukengruven." So if anyone knows, do tell. I apoligize if the meaning is perverted, in that case, please erase this.

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Re: My car's bumper stickers


Of all the languages I know, "Fukengruven" resembles Dutch the most. But then it really reads "Fukengrven" on the sticker I've found.
For all I know the Dutch don't use umlauts at all - the only language I can think of with an in it is German. But in German the whole thing doesn't make any sense at all.

I think the most likely answer is the one given here - it's an intentionally bad spelling for "fucking grooving". (That would also explain the little stick guy groovin' next to the word)

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Re: My car's bumper stickers

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Thanks, i had an feeling i knew what the first part was

It is better to be pissed off than pissed on.

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Re: My car's bumper stickers

It's a play on words that originated with "fahrvergnugen" from a German ad for Volkswagen (There is an umlaut over the u, but my keyboard doesn't have that.) In German it means "driving enjoyment" but it sort of sounds like "fucking grooving." A spelling that is halfway in between is a funny play on words. It looks like "fahrvergnugen" but if you sound it out phonetically, it says "fucking grooving." That is also where the umlaut u comes from.

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