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College Essays

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I learned recently that I have to write three college essays during the summer. However, my life isn't that exciting, I'm sure, like many other high school seniors. Except, those seniors all manage to write their essays, good or bad. Eventually, I will write mine about my boring life... my art school intellectual acheivement, my challenges of karate, and my contribution to the UC system of bringing my clothes donation program to the programs at the school.

There are three questions(two questions should be 200 words at most and one should be 600 at most):
1. What are challenges you've have faced, and how did you deal with those challenges.
2. What attributes would you bring to the UC system.
3. What is one of your most prized intellectual achievements.

I picked my topics, but it is difficult for me to write about them because they are perhaps the most boring topics I could have chosen. I don't know how to put a wonderful spin on them. I want to write interesting approaches to my topics (mabye a story, or swicthing from one event to another throughout the essay until it becomes unraveled into an all-powerful thought-proking essay). But I can't bomb my college essays just because I want them to be more interesting.

Anyway, I was just wondering what topics you guys wrote when you were going through this process.

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Re: College Essays

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You know, it was only five years ago, and I already can't remember. I think I wrote some nonsense about an event I'd organized for my high school speech team.

A bit of advice though, that'll serve you again when you have to write a resume: Don't lie about your accomplishments, but definitely put the best possible spin on them. For example, my best friend managed a Subway one summer during college, and she ended up helping when they remodeled the store; she also hung the signs every week and changed the window clings. Her university career counselor advised her to alter that to:

"During tenure as manager of Subway, assisted in building construction. Also contributed to in-house advertising."

Also, one more thing. Another friend of mine worked in the admissions department at my university, and he said that they don't generally read the essays in that much of an in-depth manner anyway; what they ware looking for is an ability to construct a coherent story, plus accurate spelling and grammar, i.e. functional knowledge of the English language.

Don't stress. You'll be fine.

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