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Mafia Update

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I'm not so sure I'm amused by the whole my-job-is-owned-by-the-Japanese-mafia thing anymore.

On Tuesday night, a woman came in the front door of our office. She was carrying a package, and she looked terrified. She told one of my Japanese co-workers:

"Please tell the owner that I'm so, so sorry." Then she handed my co-worker a cell phone and a wad of cash and added, "Tell her not to contact me; I'll get ahold of her instead."

Lastly, she said: "Don't tell anyone I came here," and she swore my co-worker to secrecy. My co-worker of course immediately called our boss, and she was told to hide the phone and the money and not tell anyone else that this woman had stopped by.

Also, this same co-worker was telling me that she overheard our bosses joking last week about a girl that had been fired (she royally screwed the company over last March). Apparently one of them said, "Let's not use lawyers; let's go 'under the table.'"

Is there really any way to construe these events other than the mafia? Suggestions, from fantastical to absurd to logical will be readily accepted; anything to help my peace of mind.

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Jul 24, 2004 17:39 # 24745

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Re: Mafia Update

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And you are still working there because? I think it's high time to remove yourself from such a situation. These people mean business. If you live life on the edge you better be prepared to fall off! That's what I always say.

Hello boss, nice to meet you. It's been real, babye!

You know what I mean?

Jul 25, 2004 02:30 # 24751

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Re: Mafia Update

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And you are still working there because?

Because I signed a contract in blood that sticks me there 'til April. (Can you ferret out the lie in that clever statement? ;))

But actually, I just really like my bosses, bizarre as that sounds. They've been nothing but amazingly nice to me (one of them is married to an American, and they live on Yokota Air Base, and she brings me Mountain Dew and Taco Bell; how could I not love her?).

I take some small comfort in the fact that the yakuza doesn't function precisely like the Mafia; they're more government regulated, and you can even look them up in the phonebook. Fewer cement shoes, more bribery and money laundering. I think. I hope.

But, yeah... I'm still glad my contract's up in the spring.

Jul 25, 2004 06:12 # 24758

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Re: Mafia Update

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Well I suppose if you are being paid with mountain dew and taco bell it can't be all that bad. The luxuries of the US. Gotta love it!

Jul 31, 2004 18:55 # 24972

MrVicious *** replies...

Re: Mafia Update

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It's good that they're nice to you, and yeah Taco Bell kicks ass, but it's still the yakuza. These days, maybe not as violent, but that's because it's not as profitable to be openly violent. When was the last time you heard about an Italian mafia operation? They try to stay under the radar as well, but people still know who they are. I'm sure they're into bribery and money laundering more these days too, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to take care of business in the oldest of ways if a situation presents itself where that's the quickest/most profitable way to get the job done.

Same probably goes for the yakuza, or else no one would bother describing them AS yakuza. Just be careful.

"What you don't understand you can make mean anything." - Misty Wilmot

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