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simon18 *** smiles...

The sun on my face

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With it being summer and all i thought this was appropriate.

From ice cream to sex, football to nights out, i know how to enjoy myself, i know what puts a smile on my face. Theres one thing though that despite its simplicity chases away all my stress and gives me the most primitive of delights.

The sun is out, theres not a cloud in the sky. I go in to the garden, sit down with my face facing the sun and feel truly good about myself. The warmth, the light, the radiance that fill every part of my body with a feeling of well being. This is one of my favourite moments in my whole life.

Maybe its just because i live in england and we dont have days like this all that often that makes it all the more special. For all the moments of darkness, the sadness, hard times, perhaps you dont realise it in such times, but when you can get through them its the moments in the sun that are really worth fighting for.

To anyone reading this you might not enjoy the sun on your face as i do, but as long as you have something similar, that you can relate it to then hold on to that and remember in hard times that these moments of joy will come again, and they will be all the better for the wait.

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majic *** throws in his two cents...

Re: The sun on my face

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Simon18, I can definitely relate. I've lived in England before. The sun comes out only on the most precious of days and hides itself the rest. Maybe he has a social anxiety disorder??? Anyway. I relate to this for my love of Hawaii. I only spent 32 brief days there but the Sun and the water and the beaches and the sense that I was 2500 miles away from a main body of land and all the shit that goes with it, it just hit home. This is my home. This is where I want to spend the rest of my life. These islands are the love that I never knew. Your post has brought up really great memories that I'll never forget!


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Alexis * smiles...

Re: The sun on my face

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I can completly understand. The thing that keeps me calm is being outside, particularly by the mountains. I have family in Greenville, New York, and when I see the Catskills (actually mountains) I feel no stress at all. But mine is universal, anytime I'm outside, with the sun on my face ;), I can't help but smile. Thanks for the honesty. I really enjoy hearing about what makes people happy. :)

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dbflyer * wants to note...

Re: The sun on my face

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The sun on my face does not do the same thing for me although i enjoy a bright sunny day. What i like is a stormy day sitting on a boat with rain and a light wind. I find that this so contemplative that i have some of my best thought and feelings.

I can read or write during these periods as if i was hemingway or tolstoy. Words just flow outward. The storm also helps me keep a sense of who i am and where we are.

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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: The sun on my face

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Because I live in one of the hottest, most humid, most sunny places in the US, I suppose I take things like sunlight and warmth for granted, but I'm sick and freaking tired of summer. I loved spending time in Germany, France, and Austria, because things were much cooler (including temperature) there. There's nothing I love more than a bitterly cold winter.

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Aug 10, 2004 01:30 # 25274

Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: The sun on my face

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There's nothing I love more than a bitterly cold winter.

I'm just the opposite. I also live in a habitually warm and sweat inducing place, north central Texas, and it's August where on average the temperature hits ninety (Fahrenheit) at noon. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world, least of all a bitterly cold winter. Then again, I'm irritated at the fact that it's right about seventy in the house now, and my toes are freezing.


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