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Can someone help me

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Hi iam raj.Well i registered just afew days back.Iam entirely cutoff from the outside world.I just dont understand wats goin on around me.My problem is that i feel that people whom i care and love so much just leave me and go away from me someway. Iam worried bcos it has happened to me twice.U may say its only twice but i have had enough. Iam 18 yrs old and i had a friend.I wasnt very close to him but he was always there for me,then finally after 2yrs i understood him, i was very happy i had a friend like him.Then all of a sudden he was gone.He died in a fire accident.
Then a girl came in to my life, she was studin with me in school.I dont know if i loved her,but she was gorgeous and i always felt happy when she was with me.Then we had to leave one day.Later i got a mail from her she said she loved me.I was really happy.We planned to meet at a hotel.That evenin i was waitin 4 her there,she didnt come. The next day i found out that she died in an accident.
Death has seperated them from me bcos they liked or i loved them.There r many instances still happenin but not death, they just go abroad or leave me some way.

No iam all alone, i really want a friend can anyone of u be one to help me to live.

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Re: Can someone help me

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Firstly, welcome to NAO.

You have been extremely unfortuante that two people close to you have died, nobody close to me has died and reading about your loss makes me realise how lucky i am.

After such tragic events it will be difficult to trust people to get close to you again, maybe you believe if they do then they will get hurt again. You have to tell yourself that what happened to these people isnt because of you, rather they are very unfortunate events that you couldnt have done anything about. If you tell yourself this then hopefully eventually you will be able to allow people to get close to you again.

I hope this is of some help.

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Re: Can someone help me

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Wow, you have gone through alot. I think I can relate to you in a way. I haven't had friends or family died but most of them for some reason just move away! And I mean alot of them have. Then they say, we'll keep in touch or whatever and they do... for a while, then they just disappear! I know how it feels to just stop seeing someone you love and not knowing about them, it also happened to me when I came here to Ohio, I'm from Puerto Rico. My advice to you is don't be scared because I think if you become scared people will see that and they will maybe believe you're not interested in them becoming your friends. It's hard,I know but there will be other people there that understand and hopefully they will stay with you. Hope this helps. If you need anyone to talk to, we're here for you! :)

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