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Of gold and wild men

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I had a dream tonight, from which I only remember one scene. I was in a theatre, not for a movie but for church. It could seat about 90 people. I sat on the stage with someone: I don't know who, but I remember being close to. Someone introduced Ben to everyone, there was about 20 people on the front row, 10 people where I was, and another 10 in the other corner of the stage, where strangely enough there looked like there were seats.

There was a pillar in the centrespace of the three groups, and Ben stood next to the pillar. When he began to speak, someone yelled out from the front-row group, "Hey, Ben! You know me don't you?" He responded, but I forgot how. Then notes were handed out, and he began talking to us.

He spoke facing my group, then he turned to face the front-row, and as if he just remembered he had people at the back, he turned round and addressed them before coming onto the stage so all three groups could see him while he spoke.

Halfway through his message, there was a line in the notes that I read as: "9:50..." then something else I don't remember. It wasn't a schedule, it was formatted in stanza and verse. Then Ben broke into song; he sang from his notes, then I realized it was a lyric sheet I was holding and not sermon notes. Instead of "9:50", he sang it as: "10 to 9", which made sense in the dream but, I guess, not now as I am recalling it.

As I was trying to figure out whether he was adlibbing the entire song on the fly he started to rap the second part. I remember being uncertain about him doing this then, seeing that he was doing a decent job, conceding to his rap being alright. At this time the person I was with turns to me and tells me the group that wrote the song. The name of the group was the name of a girl; the title of the song was: "Of gold and wild men".

Do they blind strive daily to believe in a world they cannot see?

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