Reading What Rules

Aug 10, 2004 02:09 # 25279

lostNdelerious *** smiles...

Happiness is music and many other things

Things that make me happy[b]![/b]
Reasons to live!

Being girly, succeding at my dreams, confidence, my true friends, my family, especially my father when we have our goofy happy moments. And our hugs. Thinking of my future husband. His hugs and his smile. Will he be the type to kiss my forhead or shove his tounge down my throat (yuck). When my dad is proud of me. Sticking my feet in the sand. Watching the sunset in my grandma's backyard. Smiling and making others smile. Music . Music with strong emotion. Music that touches me. Talking to other people. Helping them. Being a shoulder to lean on. crying sometimes. Being in God's prescence. Being devoted toGod. Hanging with him. Being a jesus freak. Peircings. Laughing till it hurts. flowers. Summer air. cook outs. The 4th of July. Fall. The smell of leaves. Holloween. Oct 5th. Driving at night with friends. Not caring about what people think. Being young and not having too many responsabilities yet. Dancing, screaming, singing, guitar, kazoo! Being weird, optomistic, spontaneous, and random. Not being easy to figure out or predict. Bonding with friends, meeting new people, fashion, making clothes, rock music, weird music, singing loud and off key, and talking to strange strangers.

"It doesn't happen to you, you happen to life!"

when living and breathing is still overated in the eyes of the seeking.

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