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Another Chapter Coming To A Close

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Where is the delete button? Haha!

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Re: Another Chapter Coming To A Close

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Oh my, I am getting extremely close to leaving Seoul. My year is done, my mission is complete. I fly the 17th and I absolutely cannot wait. Damn... The feeling is hard to describe. Picture being all used up and almost ready to drop. Picture your mind not being able to focus on anymore tasks. Picture being home sick, missing your almost 2 year old daughter and loving wife of 8 years. Picture that and well you may figure out what I am feeling.

So I am finally in at the point where I am doing paperwork to leave. I'll pick my plane ticket up in a few days. I'll turn in all my military *bullshit* gear, I'll get a stamp on my papers that says "I'M FREE TO LEAVE THIS FUCKING PLACE" and I'll leave and I'll have a fucking huge smile on my face. The US ARMY is great but it has a bad fucking habit of using up people until they are almost fucking dead. Sorry for the language but that is just the feeling I am at right now.

Anyway I'm in a weird kinda crazy kinda excited stage at the moment. The realization that I'm finally leaving is starting to set in and I love the feeling!

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